A Manual of Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear

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W. B. Saunders, 1918 - Ear - 608 pages
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Page 618 - The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. A new and complete dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and kindred branches; with over 100 new and elaborate tables and many handsome illustrations. By WA NEWMAN BORLAND, MD, Editor of " The American Pocket Medical Dictionary.
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Page 619 - ATLAS AND EPITOME OF EXTERNAL DISEASES OF THE EYE. By DR. O. HAAB, of Zurich. Edited by GE DE SCHWEINITZ, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. With 76 colored illustrations on 40 plates and 228 pages of text.
Page 614 - ... a book that I recommend to my class at Cornell, because for conservative judgment, for accurate observation, and for a thorough appreciation of the essential position of dermatology, I think it holds first place." Schamberg's Diseases of the Skin and Eruptive Fevers Diseases of the Skin and the Eruptive Fevers. By JAY F. SCHAMBERG, MD, Professor of Dermatology and the Infectious Eruptive Diseases, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Octavo of 573 pages, illustrated.
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Page 13 - A valuable feature consists of the collection of formulas. American Journal of the Medical Sciences " For the practitioner who wishes a reliable guide in laryngology and otology there are few books which can be more heartily commended.
Page 193 - The tonsils (amygdalae) are two glandular organs, situated one on each side of the fauces, between the anterior and posterior pillars of the soft palate. They are of a rounded form, and vary considerably in size in different individuals.
Page 624 - This new work is along the same practical lines as Dr. Goepp's successful work on Medical State Boards. The questions included have been gathered from reliable sources, and embrace all those likely to be asked in any State Board examination in any State. They have been arranged and classified in a way that makes for a rapid re'sume' of every branch of dental practice, and the answers are couched in language unusually explicit — concise, definite, accurate.
Page 619 - Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, " I am struck at once with admiration at the compact size and attractive exterior. I can recommend it to our students without reserve.
Page 623 - This is probably due to his thirty-five years of practical experience in teaching chemistry and medicine. Recognizing that to understand physiologic chemistry students must first be informed upon points not referred to in most medical text-books, the author has included in his work the latest views of equilibrium of equations, mass-action, cryoscopy, osmotic pressure, dissociation of salts into ions, the effects of ionization upon electric conductivity, and the relationship between purin bodies,...

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