A Manual of Foreign Exchanges: In the Direct, Indirect, and Cross Operations of Bills of Exchange and Bullion; Including an Extensive Investigation of the Arbitrations of Exchange, According to the Practice of the First British and Foreign Houses, with Numerous FormulŠ and Tables of the Weights and Measures of Other Countries, Compared with Imperial Standards

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E. Wilson, 1831 - Foreign exchange - 224 pages
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Page 232 - No fewer than seven different Languages, exclusive of English, are here put in requisition, to illustrate our Conjugators, but most particularly SHALL and WILL, with their derivatives, SHOULD and WOULD, which have hitherto proved such stumbling .blocks to the Foreigner. It is presumed that this work will much encourage strangers to learn our language, as its chief difficulties are now explained in that clear and familiar manner, for which the author is so distinguished.
Page 239 - Calculations for the ROYAL MINT." — Mercantile Journal. In One Volume, 8vo. Price 8s. cloth. THE LONDON COMMERCIAL DICTIONARY, AND SEA-PORT GAZETTEER, Exhibiting a clear and comprehensive View of the Productions Manufactures, and Commerce of all Nations ; the various Moneys Weights, and Measures, and the proportion of each to those of England; a description of all Articles of Merchandize, with their Mark: of Excellency and Names in every European Language.
Page 237 - ELLIOTT'S MEDICAL POCKET-BOOK, Containing a short but plain Account of THE SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT OF DISEASES, With the Properties and Doses of the principal Substances used medicinally. Including the History, Mode of Preparation, Form and Doses of the New Medicines. &c. The whole carefully revised, improved, and augmented. BY A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER, Of St. Thomas's and Guy's Hospitals.
Page 235 - CORDIALS FOR YOUTH, MANHOOD, AND OLD AGE: Including Maxims Medical, Moral, and Facetious, for the Prevention of Disease, and the attainment of a long and vigorous Life. BY AN OLD PHYSICIAN.
Page 236 - Is occupied by this very copious title-page, were it not that It so clearly indicates the nature and object of the book, as to render almost superfluous, whatever we might be disposed to advance respecting its contents, which we have no doubt...
Page 237 - In your person you must be accurately clean ; and your teeth, hands, and nails should be superlatively so. A dirty mouth has real ill consequences to the owner, for it infallibly causes the decay, as well as the intolerable pain of the teeth ; and it is very offensive to his acquaintance, for it will most inevitably stink.
Page 231 - Mr. Tennyson has made some very touching and some very animating melodies ; he is master of musical combinations ; his Songs set themselves, and generate their own tunes, as all Songs do which are good for anything.
Page 233 - UTILITY OF LATIN" DISCUSSED, For the Consideration of Parents, or those who have Influence in the Choice or Direction of Juvenile Education. In...
Page 241 - The Universal Cambist and Commercial Instructor: being a Full and Accurate Treatise on the Exchanges, Moneys, Weights, and Measures of all Trading Nations and their Colonies ; with an Account of their Banks, Public Funds, and Paper Currencies.
Page 229 - THE COMMONWEALTH." Each of these Essays treats of some new and interesting truth, or of some old truth under a fresh aspect, which has never by any preceding writer been laid before the Public. " The result of thirty years' meditations of the author of the ' Inquiry into Political Justice,' are well entitled to consideration.

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