A Manual of Hygiene and Sanitation

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Lea & Febiger, 1919 - Hygiene - 538 pages

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Page 275 - If any substance has been mixed or packed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength. "Second — If any substance has been substituted wholly or in part for the article. "Third — If any valuable constituent of the article has been wholly or in part abstracted.
Page 275 - Sixth. If it consists in whole or in part of a filthy, decomposed, or putrid animal or vegetable substance, or any portion of an animal unfit for food, whether manufactured or not, or if it fs the product of a diseased animal, or one that has died otherwise than by slaughter. SEC. 8.
Page 275 - If any valuable constituent of the article has been wholly or in part abstracted. Fourth. If it be mixed, colored, powdered, coated, or stained in a manner whereby damage or inferiority is concealed. Fifth. If it contain any added poisonous or other added deleterious ingredient which may render such article injurious to health...
Page 372 - States, and that notwithstanding the quarantine defense this danger is so increased by the introduction of persons or property from such country that a suspension of the right to introduce the same is demanded in the interest of the public health, the President shall have power to prohibit, in whole or in part, the introduction of persons and property from such countries or places as he shall designate and for such period of time as he may deem necessary.
Page 364 - Steam under pressure without vacuum. Steam under pressure will sterilize, provided that the process is continued twenty minutes after the pressure reaches 15 pounds per square inch. The air must be expelled from the apparatus at the beginning of the process. If impracticable to obtain the designated pressure, a longer exposure will accomplish the same result.
Page 467 - Infected water was not an important factor in the spread of typhoid fever in the national encampments in 1898.
Page 425 - Filtration means the concentration of sewage at short intervals, on an area of specially chosen porous ground, as small as will absorb and cleanse it ; not excluding vegetation, but making the produce of secondary importance. The intermittency of application is a sine qua non even in suitably constituted soils, wherever complete success is aimed at.
Page 367 - ... cubic feet. Used in this way a sheet will hold about 5 ounces without dripping or the drops running together. The room must be very tightly sealed in disinfecting with this process, and kept closed not less than twelve hours. The method is limited to rooms or apartments not exceeding 2,000 cubic feet. The formalin may also be sprayed upon the walls, floors, and objects in the rooms.
Page 369 - The stated times of exposure to sulphur dioxide and formaldehyde are sufficient to destroy bacterial infection due to non-spore-bearing organisms, providing that the infection is present on the surface. If the room is of peculiar construction, so as to impede the diffusion of the gas, or if the room is a dirty one, or if on account of any other condition rendering the germicidal action of the gas more difficult, the time of exposure should be proportionately increased, or supplanted by other methods.
Page 382 - Articles injured by steam, such as leather, furs, skins, rubber, trunks, valises, hats and caps, bound books, silks and fine woolens should not be disinfected- by steam. Such articles should be disinfected by formaldehyde gas or by any of the agents allowed in these regulations which may be applicable thereto. Those which will be injured by wetting should be disinfected by a gaseous agent.

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