A Manual of Phonography, Or Writing by Sound: A Natural Method of Writing by Signs that Represent Spoken Sounds. Adapted to the English Language as a Complete System of Phonetic Shorthand. 336th Thousand

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F. Pitman, 1880 - Shorthand - 63 pages
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Page 2 - ... of these 200 symbols varies its meaning at times, so that, after having learned one meaning for each of them, the reader has not learned all their meanings ; and having learned all their meanings, he has no means of knowing which one he is to apply at any time.
Page 6 - To be enabled to treasure up for future study the substance of lectures, sermons, &c., is an accomplishment attended with so many evident advantages, that it stands in no need of recommendation. Nor is it a matter of small importance, that by this art the youthful student is furnished with an easy means of making a number of valuable extracts in the moments of leisure, and of thus laying up a stock of knowledge for his future occasions. The pursuit of this art materially...
Page 53 - CONVERSATIONS on the PARABLES of the NEW TESTAMENT; For the Use of Children.
Page 47 - Printing, |</. ; t,d. perdoz. ; 35. per gross. In the common spelling, with a specimen of phonetic printing. A...
Page 28 - J' station, o^ lection, gf> secretion, affection, fa"*"^ selection. In other cases, -tion when final, and following a straight letter, is written on the side opposite to that on which the vowel (or accented vowel if more than one) occurs ; thus, ^ passion, j— ^ caution, i~3 action, /\f rogation, L diction, x\/?
Page 2 - It seems chosen, like its people, to rule in future times in a still greater degree in all the corners of the earth.
Page 1 - ... every known language might probably be effectually reduced to writing, so as to preserve an exact correspondence between the writing and pronunciation; which would be one of the most valuable acquisitions not only to philologists but to mankind, facilitating the intercourse...
Page 11 - ... v, etc., are the same, but the sound is, so to speak, light in the first, and heavy in the second letter of each pair. The consonants in each pair are represented by strokes in...
Page 6 - ... trivial, or uninteresting. " The memory is also improved by the practice of stenography. The obligation the writer is under to retain in his mind the last sentence of the speaker, at the same time that he is carefully attending to the following one, must be highly beneficial to that faculty, which more than any other owes its improvement to exercise. And so much are the powers of retention strengthened and expanded by this exertion, that a practical stenographer will frequently recollect more...
Page 14 - As the .straight line in direction 4, Diagram 1, may be written either np or down, it is made to represent two letters, namely, ch when written downward, and r when written upward : this additional sign being given to r for convenience and speed in writing. To diminish the risk of ch and r being mistaken for each other, when standing alone, / ch is made to slope 60 degrees from the horizontal, and -^ r 30.

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