A Marriage Cycle

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Houghton Mifflin Company, 1915 - Marriage - 71 pages
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Page 25 - THE BUTTERFLY I HOLD you at last in my hand, Exquisite child of the air. Can I ever understand How you grew to be so fair? You came to my linden tree To taste its delicious sweet, I sitting here in the shadow and shine Playing around its feet. Now I hold you fast in my hand, You marvelous butterfly, Till you help me to understand The eternal mystery. From that creeping thing in the dust To this shining bliss in the blue! God give me courage to trust I can break my chrysalis...
Page 63 - And joy has triumphed over loss and pain. Sing on, brave robins, sing on in the rain! You know behind the clouds the sun must shine; You know that death means only life divine, And all our losses turn to heavenly gain. I lie and listen to you in the rain. Better than Easter bells that do not cease, Your message from the heart of God's great peace. And to his arms I turn and sleep again.
Page 60 - He shall give His angels charge Over thee in all thy ways, Though the thunders roam at large, Though the lightning round me plays, Like a child I lay my head In sweet sleep upon my bed. Though the terror come so close, It shall have no power to smite ; It shall deepen my repose, Turn my darkness into light. Touch of angels' hands is sweet; Not a stone shall hurt my feet.
Page 36 - Oh, to be alone! To escape from the work, the play, The talking every day; To escape from all I have done, And all that remains to do! To escape — yes, even from you, My only love, and be Alone and free. Could I only stand Between gray moor and gray sky, Where the winds and the plovers cry, And no man is at hand; And feel the free wind slow On my rain-wet face and know I am free — not yours, but my own — Free and alone!
Page 16 - Good-bye to-day! You turned to go, yet going turned to stay! Till suddenly at last you went away. Then all at last I found my love unsaid, And bowed my head; And went in tears up to my lonely bed — Oh, would it be like this if you were dead...
Page 4 - I told him not to come To meet and bring me home. But yet, as the long day Wore empty, dull away, Though I had sternly said him Nay, I feared, half hoped, that he would disobey. "He will not come," I said it o'er and o'er; He knows I do not wish it. Nay, even more, I shall be angry if he comes to-night. He is not here; how glad I am! How right! But who stands smiling in that sudden light? Or do my happy tears make dim my sight?
Page 62 - I hear the robins singing in the rain. The misty world lies waiting for the dawn ; The wind sobs at my window and is gone, And in the silence come old throbs of pain. But still the robins sing on in the rain, Not waiting for the morning sun to break, Nor listening for the violets to wake, Nor fearing lest the snow may fall again. My heart sings with the robins in the rain, For I remember it is Easter morn, And life and love and peace are all new born, And" joy has triumphed over loss and pain.
Page 57 - I will not have thee here! The nights are weary and the days are drear In thy hard company." He clasped me close and held me still so long I learned how deep his voice, how sweet his song, How far his eyes can see.
Page 24 - Great love has triumphed. At a crisis hour Of strength and struggle on the heights of life He came, and bidding me abandon power, Called me to take the quiet name of wife.
Page 51 - К 2 So many ways thou hast, dear Lord, My longing heart to fill: Thy lovely world, thy spoken word, The doing thy sweet will, 3 Giving thy children living bread, Leading thy weak ones on, т The touch of dear hands on my head, The thought of loved ones gone.

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