A Materia Medica: Containing Provings and Clinical Verifications of Nosodes and Morbific Products

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Pusey, 1888 - Homeopathy - 121 pages

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Page 51 - ... dull, frontal headache, and at 9 AM, severe sharp pain on top of head, coming from nape of neck, then stretching across head forward; pain so severe that he presses top of head with hands ; neck stiffened; bending head forward, or lying down, causes congestion, increasing pain; again, pains subside for short time, and begin anew, either in front part of head, or in nape of neck, or all over head at once; when pain is frontal it causes lachrymation.
Page 93 - L side and down arm, or sometimes down both thighs, but most generally down 1. leg to foot, which is numb; pains act something like labor-pains, and are accompanied by great restlessness of legs and arms, and great aching in lumbar region, on fifth...
Page 45 - Is impressed with the idea that all she says is a *lie ; that all her symptoms are unreal, and the result of a diseased imagination ; it seems to be very difficult to speak the truth, but continually distrusts things; when reading anything she rapidly changes t the meaning, omitting or adding things.
Page 29 - Pain in top of 1. shoulder. 1 (42). Pains in last two fingers of both hands. 1 (18). Fingers ached so that she could not use them. 1 (182). * Skin under nails looks dirty, it cannot be washed or scraped off, for two days. 1 (10, 11). Pains in both hands passing to ends of fingers. 1 (6). Pains in hands passing in all directions. 1 (7). Pains in both wrists, encircling them. 1 (4, 9). Pain with slight stiffness in both wrists. 1 (10). Pain passing from wrists to end of fingers, on dorsal surface....
Page 6 - Sensation as if it were only by a great effort that she kept together, and would be much relieved if she could fall to pieces ; she threw herself down for that purpose.
Page 77 - White patches, like eggs of flies, on both tonsils, extending thence to back of throat; tonsils enlarged and deep red; felt she would suffocate at night from full feeling in throat, which prevented sleep; swallowing toast gave some pain, but seemed to clear throat; drinking caused more pain in throat, and she had to gulp it down.
Page 56 - On going to bed, room dark, saw many stars on closing eyes, moving from r. to 1."" (2). While looking at an object, appears to see, just beyond or out of the axis of vision, an object passing across the field of sight, but on adjusting the eye to see it, it is gone; it always appears as a small object, like a *rat or bird, sometimes on the floor, at others in the air.1 (112).
Page 74 - ... by myriads of snakes ; as if bed was in motion ; as if forehead would split open; as if ears were full; as if throat was closing ; as if something in throat was either enlarged or relaxed; throat as if full of sticks; as if a lump was in throat; as of a ball or round body in 1. side of throat ; as of a lump in r. side of throat, with a feeling that she could take hold of it with her fingers and pull it out ; throat as if scalded by hot fluid ; throat as if burnt by caustic ; throat felt as if...
Page 94 - Intense painful soreness of vulva, extending to anus, coming on very suddenly about noon, and lasting for about two hours; came again during evening; could not walk, stand or sit; > by lying on back and separating knees as far as possible.
Page 44 - ... floor lest she should tread on them, and make them squirm and wind around her legs ; is afraid to look behind her for fear she will see snakes there ; does not dream of them, and is seldom troubled with them after dark.

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