A Monograph of the Mollusca from the Great Oolite, Chiefly from Minchinhampton and the Coast of Yorkshire: Supplementary Monograph

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Page 109 - traversed mesially by the ligamental groove, the borders to which are elevated and but slightly diverging; exterior to these are strongly impressed grooves to receive the dental processes of the other valve;
Page 109 - to receive the elevated borders of the ligamental groove in the other valve; the outer borders of the plate form lengthened and elevated dental processes. Hinge
Page 16 - rounded and entire, depending upon the exact period of growth at which the animal perished; the
Page 16 - de ce genre, mais que je n'ai pu encore constater sur toutes, c'est que la columelle se termine parfois
Page 21 - Shell ovate, depressed; spire elevated, consisting of three or four volutions, which are narrow, inflated, their sutures deeply channeled; the last volution has some obscurely marked, irregular, and unequal transverse
Page 118 - may be regarded as a transitive series, a chain of life serving to connect the fauna of the Inferior Oolite with that of the Oxfordian rocks,
Page 5 - the specimen was obtained in the Bradford Clay of the Tetbury Road Railway Station, near Cirencester, by Professor Coleman, of the Royal Agricultural College.
Page 21 - decussated by encircling striations; the striations are regular, very closely arranged, faintly impressed, with small, wave-like undulations ; the aperture is large and rounded.
Page 4 - In the young state, when the diameter does not exceed three inches, the sides are ornamented with regular distant, depressed, flexuose costae. The

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