A New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea: Divided Into the Gold, the Slave, and the Ivory Coasts. Containing a Geographical, Political and Natural History of the Kingdoms and Countries; with a Particular Account of the Rise, Progress and Present Condition of All the European Settlements Upon that Coast; and the Just Measures for Improving the Several Branches of the Guinea Trade. Illus. with Several Cutts

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J. Knapton, A. Fell, R. Smith, D. Midwinter, W. Haws, W. Davis, G. Strahan, B. Lintott, J. Round, and J. Wale, 1705 - Africa, West - 493 pages
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I have a copy of this book dated 1721 - it is the second edition. I bought it 20 years ago whilst I was working in West Africa.
I have visited many of the places mentioned - and also have a
composite print by the same engraver of the many castles in the book (before the days of photocopiers). Of course Curamo island never existed - but my book is one of the two remaining that has the fold out map.
Time moves very slowly and the views expressed by the author - Mr Bosman - are still held by many expatriates (as well as UK citizens) today.

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Page 124 - I have before informed you of ; but their •; moft moft artful works are the fine gold and filver hat-bands, which they make for us, the thread and contexture of which is fo fine, that I queftion whether our European artifts would not be put to it to imitate them : and indeed if they could, and were no better paid than the Negroes, they would be obliged to live on dry bread.
Page 432 - The common Diet of the Rich is Beef, Mutton or Chickens, and Jammes for their Bread, which after they have boiled, they beat very fine, in order to make Cakes of it. They frequently treat one another, and impart a Portion of their Superfluity to the Neceffitous. The meaner Sort content...
Page 439 - ... of two children, and her husband redeemed her with a slave, but sacrificed his children. After which I had frequent opportunities of seeing and talking with the disconsolate mother, who never could see an infant without a very melancholy reflection on the fate of her own, which always extorted briny tears from her. The following year the like event happened to a priest's wife. She was delivered of two children, which, with a slave, instead of his wife, he was obliged to kill and sacrifice with...
Page 79 - Gold, extreme high coloured, which very much facilitates the Cheat : For being obliged to receive one or two Pounds at a time, wherein the Pieces happen to be very numerous, we cannot touch every one, and it looking fo well, caufeth it to pass unfufpecled.
Page 142 - They tell us, that in the beginning God created Black as well as White Men; thereby not only hinting but...
Page 151 - Negroes why they do this, they will readily tell you, because their Ancestors did so from the beginning of the World, and it hath been handed down from one Age to another by Tradition. The Son never eats what the Father is restrained from, as the Daughter herein follows the Mother's Example; and this Rule is so strictly observed amongst them, that 'tis impossible to perswade them to the contrary, (pp.
Page 113 - Negroes are all, without exception, crafty, villanous and fraudulent, and very seldom to be trusted, being sure to slip no opportunity of cheating an European, nor indeed one another. A man of integrity is as rare among them as a white falcon...
Page 145 - when they drink the oath-draught, it is usually accompanied by an imprecation, that the Fetiche may kill them if they do not perform the contents of their obligation. Every person entering into any obligation is obliged to drink this swearing liquor. When any nation is hired to the...

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