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Pagina 137 - In 1756 he published the first volume of "The life of John Buncle, esq. containing various observations and reflections made in several parts of the world; and many extraordinary relations," 8vo, which may be considered in some measure as a supplement to the Memoirs; and in 1766 appeared the second volume. Both parts exhibit
Pagina 213 - The History of Great Britain, connected with the Chronology of Europe', with notes, &c. containing anecdotes of the times, lives of the learned, and specimens of their works, vol. I. from Caesar's invasion to the deposition and death of Richard' II.
Pagina 112 - after having been the drudge of his party for the best part of twenty years together, was as much forgotten in the famous compromise of 1742, as if he had never been born! and when he died of what is called a broken heart, which, happened a few
Pagina 374 - added to the splendour of his birth a great share of learning, which rendered him very illustrious towards the end of the fifteenth, and beginning of the sixteenth century. He was at first addicted to the military art, and distinguished himself by his bravery, although he was unfortunate,
Pagina 472 - being reinstated in the church, it is not probable that he felt any indisposition. With respect to his. personal character, he is said to have been grave and serious, yet affable and courteous, with good natural parts, and no inconsiderable share of secular learning of all sorts; he was particularly distinguished by his skill in logic, or the art of disputing. Dr.
Pagina 308 - felt. At another time the friends of Zeno, as they sat at table, were dazzled by the intolerable light which flashed in their eyes from the reflecting mirrors of Anthemius; they were astonished by the noise which he produced from a collision of certain minute and sonorous particles : and
Pagina 309 - hog (whence our vulgarism of Tantony pig} for which th,ey have great veneration. Some have St. Anthony's picture on the walls of their houses, hoping by that to be preserved from the plague: and. the Italians, who do not know the true signification of the fire painted at the side of
Pagina 110 - Filius, to mount the rostrum, and divert a large crowd of spectators, who flocked to hear him from all parts, with a merry oration in the fescennine manner, interspersed with secret history, raillery, and sarcasm, as the occasions of the times supplied him with matter. Wood, in his
Pagina 473 - deeply infected with it; and towards the commencement of the sixth century, it was triumphant in many parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe : but. it sunk, almost at once, when the Vandals were driven out of Africa, and the Goths out of Italy,
Pagina 479 - alone; that nevertheless this grace is offered to all, and does not force men to act against their inclinations, but may be resisted and rendered ineffectual by the perverse will of the impenitent sinner : That God gives to the truly faithful who are regenerated by his grace the means

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