A new and general biographical dictionary, 2. cilt

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Sayfa 449 - Butler and his friend attended accordingly ; the duke joined them ; but as the d — 1 would have it, the door of the room where they sat was open...
Sayfa 449 - had always laid hold of an opportunity which offered of representing to the Duke of Buckingham how well Mr. Butler had deserved of the royal family, by writing his inimitable Hudibras ; and that it was a reproach to the court, that a person of his loyalty and wit should suffer in obscurity, and under the wants he did. The duke always...
Sayfa 162 - Othello;^ the mixture of love that intruded upon his mind upon the innocent answers Desdemona makes, betrayed in his gesture such a variety and vicissitude of passions as would admonish a man to be afraid of his own heart, and perfectly convince him that it is to stab it, to admit that worst of daggers, jealousy.
Sayfa 203 - ... men out of danger ; which had been held in former times a point of great ability and circumspection; as if the principal art requisite in the captain of a ship had been to be sure to come home safe again. He was the first man...
Sayfa 339 - He had read so much of the Fathers that he had formed out of it a clear judgment of all the eminent ones. He had read a vast deal on the Scriptures...
Sayfa 66 - God's providence in the change of the government, and how God had owned it, and what great things had been done at home and abroad, in the peace with Spain and Holland, &c. When he had wearied us all with speaking thus slowly...
Sayfa 203 - He was the first that infused that proportion of courage into the seamen, by making them see by experience, what mighty things they could do if they were resolved ; and taught them to fight in fire as well as upon water: and, though he hath been very well imitated and followed, he was the first that gave the example of that kind of naval courage and bold and resolute achievements.
Sayfa 157 - Shakespear in her triumph, with all her beauties in their best array rising into real life, and charming her beholders. But alas! since all this is so far out of the reach of description, how shall I...
Sayfa 401 - ... bodies by the names of the heathen deities, and by that means made the heavens as it were a book of the pagan theology. Momus tells him that this is not to be wondered at, since there were so many scandalous stories of the deities.
Sayfa 266 - ... adaptation of his look to his voice, by which artful imitation of nature, the variations in the sound of his words gave propriety to every change in his countenance.

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