A new introduction to geography; in a series of lessons: for youth

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Page 4 - The top of the map is the north ; the bottom, the south ; the righthand side, the east ; and the left-hand side, the west. In a map of the world, longitude is marked on the equator, and latitude on the circles that contain the two hemispheres.
Page 77 - On the coast of Norway is the famous vortex of the sea called the Maelstroom ; it is heard at a great distance, and forms a whirlpool of vast depth and extent, and so violent, that if a ship come near it, it is drawn in and shattered to pieces.
Page 84 - Petersburgh to Pekin in China there is scarcely a hill : the same may be said of the road from Petersburgh to the north of France. The inland navigation of Russia is very extensive ; goods may be conveyed by water from Petersburgh to China, with an interruption of only 60 miles.
Page 99 - Siberia, and is bounded on the North by the Frozen Ocean, on the East by the...
Page 145 - ... islands of any consequence have been discovered in a latitude lower than 50* south ; and, consequently, on that side, the strict demarcation must be left open to the labors of future navigators. As at present laid down, they comprise the central and chief land of Notasia, or New Holland, — Papua, or New Guinea, — New Britain and New Ireland, with the Solomon Isles, — New Caledonia and the New Hebrides, — New Zealand, — Van Dieman's Land, — Kerguelen's Islands, or Islands of Desolation,—...
Page 7 - Dofre-field, between Norway and Sweden ; Mount Krapac, or the Carpathian Mountains, between Poland and Hungary ; The Pyrenean Mountains, between France and Spain ; The Alps, which divide France and Germany from Italy ; The...
Page 91 - THE principal rivers are, the Danube, the Theiss, and the Drave. The chief mountains are, the Carpathian, between Hungary and Poland. Hungary is a very cheap country, the land being infinitely fertile, and in some places producing the most esteemed grapes in Europe. It is beautified with lakes, the windings of the Danube, and many streams which flow into that fine river. In the woods of Hungary are bred a race of horses, the most active, hardy, and spirited, for their size, in the world ; the hussars,...
Page 2 - Ireland, &C. A peninsula is a tract of land almost surrounded with water, and is joined to the main land by an isthmus ; as the Morea in the Mediterranean Sea.
Page 3 - A channel is a passage longer and broader than a strait ; as the English Channel. A river is a current of fresh water, rising in the land, and flowing into the sea ; as the Liffey.
Page 1 - Geography, (Gr.) is a defcription of the whole Globe of the Earth, or known habitable World; together with all its Parts, Limits, Situations, and other remarkable things thereunto belonging.

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