A New Pocket-dictionary of the English and Dutch Languages

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O. Holtze, 1878 - Dutch language - 832 pages
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Page 449 - ... shed shine shoe shoot show shred shrink shrive shut sing sink sit slay sleep slide sling slink slit smell smite sow speak speed spell spend spill spin spit Past.
Page 448 - ... hove, hewed, hid, hit, held, hurt, kept, knelt, knit, knew, laded, laid, led, leant, leapt, left, lent, let, lay, lit, lost, made, Past.
Page 448 - ... grow hang have hear heave hew hide hit hold hurt keep kneel knit know lade lay lead lean leap learn leave lend let lie...
Page 449 - Smite Sow Speak Speed Spell Spend Spill Spin Spit Split Spread Spring Stand Stay Steal Stick Sting Past Tense.
Page 532 - tu drill, bore; to turn round; to shake, brandish ; to drill, form to arms ; to run hither and thither, to go through the manual exercise; M.Du.
Page 447 - Bid Bind Bite Bleed Blow Break Breed Bring Build Bum Burst Buy Can Rant Catch Chide Choose Cleave Climb Cling Clothe Come Cost Creep Crow Cut Dare Deal Die ģI...

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