A New pocket-dictionary of the English and Swedish languages

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O. Holtze, 1882 - English language - 774 pages

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Page 718 - Put - , be quiet. —, va to quiet, to calm, to mitigate, to still, to appease, to pacify, to compose, to allay, to quench to quell ; to stanch, to «top ; to moderate.
Page 484 - Bi'iiynttftj v . a, an. to begin, to commence, to come up, to enter upon, to pick., to open, to set up, to fall to, to take to.
Page 743 - va to give notice, to announce, to tell, to notify, to bid, to enjoin ; to promise ; to allow.
Page 497 - ¡if f<' ~, to remove, to move. — dragt, m. embezzlement of goods or money committed by one partner to the prejudice of the other, -fast, a. landed who has his own house, -flyttuing, f. removal. -fällig , a. decayed. -f ällighet, f. decay, -hag, -hagstyg, П. moveables in a house, furniture^ -lek , ч>
Page 488 - Ьош, barding. 2í cfFri fu n¡ it » /. description , account, detail. — •BefFtifpe» va to describe, to define, to give an account of, to set forth a thing. - BcfFnu'ru Iag> written law. 2MFyi>î»> n. protection, shelter, patronage, safeguard, auspice, »a
Page 494 - Dlifr»! v. л. to be, to become, to fall, to grow, to turn, to prove ; to stay, to remain, to abide; to continue.
Page 485 - '. a. to bemoan, to complain, to pity, to deplore, to lament, to bewail, to be eorry for. - i'criU'H , to condole with one. — Vlyf- —nbttn. bemoaning, condolence. — nJPnCfcj 14
Page 727 - Stíírfuj fe to strengthen, to corroborate, to comfort; to confirm, to fortify; to encourage; to starch.
Page 489 - BefHftlftj fa to rob; to pick. iiaj va to storm. /. assault, storming. &r|irflffa> *'. a. to chide; to reprove, to rebuke, to reprehend, to reprimand, to check, to rate, to censure.
Page 477 - ... a. to receive, to assume, to adopt, to embrace, to take up, to admit of, to suppose. — iifce, n, Jlfi* tapntngj _/t reception, supposition, acceptation, adoption. - i anbrlige ffv'itlÏTt) ordination. » Jliitfiglijt, a. acceptable. [lew. 2(ntalf n. number, quantity, riiifj« -j îltitafïa» fa to fall upon, to têt on ей.

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