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B. Cormon of Blanc, 1836 - Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Italian - 536 pages
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Page xiv - All Spaniards, and in imitation of them, all who express themselves in the Spanish language, make use of the third person of the verb instead of the second ; the " you" is used only in the second person plural, and in sermons and public discourses.
Page x - The former are formed by adding the article i7 to the comparative, as il plu dotto ; the latter are formed by changing the last vowel of the adjective into issimo, as from buono, buonissimo ; caro, carissimo ; ßero, fierisslmo ; amabile, amabilissimo ; verde, verdissimo; grande, grandissimo.
Page 56 - Archivista, sm. the keeper of the reArci, a Greek word used in composition only, emphatically or in joke, as Arcibello, a.
Page 102 - Coagulativo, a. coagulated Coagulazióne, sf. coagulation Coágulo, sm. curd, rennet Coartare, to limit Coartagione,*/.
Page 217 - Montanino.Monlanesco, a, mountainous, boorish, rustic; belonging to or of mountains Montano, a. mountainous Montare, to mount ; to cover (as animals do) { to grow, increase Móntala, sf.
Page 129 - Di cólpo, ad. suddenly, at once — colta, ad. out of hand — concordia, ad. unanimously — conserva, ad.
Page 146 - Episcopate, sm. a bishopric Episódico, a. episodical Episodio, sm. digression, episode Epístola, sf. an epistle fpistolftre, a. epistolary pistolario, sm. letter-boot Epitnfflo, s«.
Page 102 - Clero, sm. a clergyman Clessidra, sf. a vessel for measuring time by running of water Cliente, sm.
Page 165 - Giaciménto, sm. a lying down Giacinto, sm. a hyacinth Giacitóio, sm. bed, or lodging Giacitúra, sf.
Page 90 - Jarrucolare, toinsnare, overreach --arnicoletto, sf. a small pulley *larta, sf. paper,- carte, cards ,- giuocare alle carte, to play at cards ; dar le carte alla...

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