A new treatise on chess

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Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper, 1841 - Chess - 296 pages
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Page 275 - The History of Chess, together with short and plain Instructions by which any one may easily play at it without the Help of a Teacher. Lond. 1764, 8vo. 3s. 6d. Pp. 148, with a folding leaf containing figures i. and ii. at p. 104. History of the Battle of Flodden, in Verse.
Page 267 - An Inquiry into the Antient Greek Game, supposed to have been invented by Palamedes, antecedent to the Siege of Troy ; with reasons for believing the same to have been known from remote antiquity in China, and progressively improved into the Chinese, Indian, Persian, and European chess ; also two dissertations (i) on the Athenian Skirophoria, (ii) on the mystical meaning of the bough and umbrella in the Skiran rites,' London, 1801, 4to, plates, anonymous.
Page 272 - An Essay Towards making the Game of Chess Easily learned By those who know the Moves only, without the Assistance of a Master,' London, 1761, 12mo (see also No.
Page 272 - Chess || Made Easy : || Or, The || Games || Of || Gioachino Greco, || The Calabrian ; || With Additional || Games and Openings, || Illustrated with || Remarks and General Rules. \ The Whole so contrived, that any Per- || son may learn to play in a few Days, || without any farther Assistance.
Page 148 - BLACK. 1. KP two. 1. KP tWO. 2. KBP two. 2. P. takes P. 3. K. Kt. to B. third.
Page 63 - KP tmo squares. 2. K. Kt. to B. third. 2. Q. Kt. to B. third. 3. KB to QB fourth. 3.
Page 125 - R— .) 1. KP two 1. KP two 2. KBP two 2. P. takes P. 3. K. Kt. to B. third 3.
Page 150 - WHITE. BLACK. 1. P. to K's 4th. 1. P. to K's 4th. 2. P. to K. B's 4th. 2. P. takes P. 3. K. Kt. to B's 3d.
Page 18 - ... replace it, and move elsewhere."] 2. If the men are not placed properly at the beginning of the game, and this is discovered before four moves have been made on each side, the game must be recommenced. If the mistake should not be found out till after four moves have been made...
Page 178 - WHITE. BLACK. 1. KP two. 1. KP two. 2. KBP two. 2. P. takes P. 3. KB to QB fourth. 3. Q. checks. 4. K. to B.

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