A Novel Proposition: Revolutionizing the Distribution of Wealth : Farm Products Moved as Mail Matter at a Uniform Rate for All Distances : of Interest Alike to Agriculture, Manufacture, Commerce and Labor

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D. Johnston & Company, Printers, 1893 - Parcel post - 32 pages
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Page 10 - And by the time the people of any such country as England or the United States are sufficiently aroused to the injustice and disadvantages of individual ownership of land to induce them to attempt its nationalization, they will be sufficiently aroused to nationalize it in a much more direct and easy way than by purchase. They will not trouble themselves about compensating the proprietors of land.
Page 9 - But a question of method remains. How shall we do it? We should satisfy the law of justice, we should meet all economic requirements, by at one stroke abolishing all private titles, declaring all land public property, and letting it out to the highest bidders in lots to suit, under such conditions as would sacredly guard the private right to improvements.
Page 10 - ... upon the crocodile. But when the times are ripe for them, ideas grow, even though insignificant in their first appearance. One day, the Third Estate covered their heads when the king put on his hat. A little while thereafter, and the head of a son of St Louis rolled from the scaffold. The anti-slavery movement in the United States commenced with talk of compensating owners, but when four millions of slaves were emancipated, the owners got no compensation, nor did they clamour for any. And by...
Page 2 - Ere long there shall be but one action, one language, and one people. Even now the time is near at hand — almost arrived — when swords shall be turned into ploughshares, and spears into pruning hooks— when every man shall sit under his own vine and his own fig-tree, and none shall make him afraid.
Page 32 - Montgomery. 1. 10 75 33 24 which any shipper might sit quietly in his office, and contract to deliver freight at any town in the United States by referring to a printed tariff which would show rates as uniform to all as the rates of postage, and not exorbitant in amount.
Page 2 - Chico also wishes to sead a like quantity of peaches to the same destination, and he too obtains a one dollar stamp, and the fruit is forwarded the same way. A third grower in Sacramento county wishes to forward a like quantity to New York, and he likewise obtains a one dollar stamp and the fruit goes on to New York. In short...
Page 14 - Confiscation of a good portion of the producers' just earnings is caused by the protective tariff; but, as I am a confirmed protectionist, and am convinced of its tendency toward the conservation of our American institutions, I seek to perpetuate it, but not in its one-sided and unjust operations. Protection is politic. Should it not also be just?
Page 2 - I would suggest national legislation that would change our present method of product transportation to the same system as now in operation by the United States postoffice in the forwarding of mail matter, and in charge of that department. To illustrate: A fruit-grower at San Rafael wishes to send five hundred pounds of peaches to San Francisco. He obtains...

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