A philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies, Том 1

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Стр. 47 - The stratagem he made use of was to cause a boy, of the name of Feizi, to be committed to the care of these priests, as a poor orphan of the sacerdotal line, who alone could be initiated into the sacred rites of their theology.
Стр. 47 - Feizi, to be committed to the care of thefe priefts, as a poor orphan of the facerdotal line, who alone could be initiated into the facred rites of their theology. Feizi, having received the proper...
Стр. 311 - Heaven to witnefs, which with him is a rcquifition as injurious as it is ufclefs ; or you compel an oath from the mouth of a reprobate. Of what value can the oath of fuch a man appear to you ? If the oath be contrary to his own fecurity, it is abfurd. If it be confonant with his intereft, it is fuperfluous. Does it argue a knowledge of the human heart to give the debtor his choice between...
Стр. 140 - China become hufbandmen officially. It is one of their public functions to break up the ground in the fpring ; and the parade and magnificence that accompanies this ceremony, draws together all the farmers in the neighbourhood of the capital. They flock in crouds to fee their prince perform this folemnity in honour of the Jirft of all the arts.
Стр. 399 - Yemen, who pofleffed the only diftrict in Arabia that merits the title of Happy, drove them from thence, and removed the trade to Mocha, a place in his dominions, which till then was only a village. THIS trade was at firft inconfiderable ; confifting principally in myrrh, incenfe, aloes, balm of Mecca, fome aromaties and medicinal drugs. Thefe articles, the exportation of which is continually retarded by exorbitant impofts, and does not exceed at prefent...
Стр. 369 - ... or had entered into the church. Accordingly many pastors and candidates for holy orders refused the assent that was demanded by the magistrates, and some of them were punished for this refusal. Hence arose warm contests and heavy complaints, which engaged the king of Great Britain, and the states-general of the United Provinces, to offer their intercession, in order to terminate these unhappy divisions ; and hence the Formulary lost much of its credit and authority.
Стр. 520 - Had it been the fate of the English to have had the like events to dread on the part of the people of Bengal, perhaps the famine would have been less general and less destructive.
Стр. 198 - ... zeal, no union for the common good. Their possessions in India were divided into three governments, which gave no assistance to each other, and even clashed in their projects and interests. Neither discipline, subordination, nor the love of glory animated either the soldiers or the officers. Men-of-war no longer ventured out of the ports ; or whenever they appeared, were badly equipped. Manners became more and more depraved. Not one of their commanders had power enough to restrain the torrent...
Стр. 186 - The chiefs and principal officers admitted to their tables a multitude of those singing and dancing women, with which India abounds. Effeminacy introduced itself into their houses and armies.
Стр. 237 - The company itfelf carries fome merchandife to Banda. This is the only fettlement in the Eaft Indies that can be confidered as an European colony ; becaufe it is the only one where the Europeans are proprietors of lands. The company finding that the inhabitants of Banda were favage, cruel, and treacherous, becaufe they were impatient under their yoke, refolved to exterminate them. Their...

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