A pill to purge state-melancholy: or, A collection of excellent new ballads

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Page 112 - Stand off, my lord ! cried he, this thread To cut I will not doubt. He cut, then ope'd the band-box lid, And so the plot came out. Now God preserve our gracious queen ; And for this glorious deed; May she the doctor make a dean, With all convenient speed : What though the...
Page 97 - The day shall come to make amends, This Jewel shall with pride be wore ; And o'er his foes, and with his friends, Shine glorious bright out of the Tower.
Page 96 - ... the Court, With excellence unknown before ; But now being blown upon in sport, This Jewel's case is now the Tower.
Page 158 - Was feized in the Park, Sir ; And thence convey'd to a room of ftate, Where Privy Councillors debate The grand affairs of Church and State, As fome make their remark, Sir. Young Cato firft a letter mows, Of correfpondence with our foes, Which by experience he well knows Will no fmall profit bring, Sir ; In this the proverb true, we fee, Two of a trade can ne'er agree, For Guifcard was no more than he, A fpy to the French king, Sir. The Abbot faw himfelf betray'd By thofe who all the fcheme had laid,...
Page 54 - Who fhall deferve your mighty praife For Fund and eke for Loan, And may the Nation's credit raife, But never can their own.
Page 93 - We are a wretched motley crew, More various than the weather, Made up of debtors old and new, jumbled and rocked together; Tars, soldiers, merchants, transport, tallies, Chained in a row like slaves in galleys.
Page 61 - HE news from abroad does a secret reveal, Which has been confirm'd both at Dover and Deal, That one Mr. Matthews, once called plain Mat, Has been doing at Paris, the Lord knows what. But...
Page 56 - We'll at one dafh wipe out the Score, With Spunge of Parliament. Then we can carry on the War; With neither Fund nor Debit-. And Banks (hall eat us up no more, Upon pretence of Credit. If not, we'll clofe with Terms of Peace, Prefcrib'd by Fruur and *•*• i That War being huddled up Abroad, May then break out at Home.
Page 52 - To keep the toleration. The High-church clergy, mounted high, Like sons of Jehu drive, And over true religion ride, To keep the church alive.
Page 91 - Days of Sin, Twas fear'd by Folks that were hearty, A numerous Mob might have been Ev'n rais'd for the Devil and's Party.

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