A Pocket Dictionary, Welsh-English, Volumes 1-2

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R. Hughes, 1861 - English language
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Page 25 - Annodi, т. to suspend Annoeth, a. unwise, imprudent Annoethineb, n. indiscretion Annofi, v. to become refractory Annog, n. incitement ; v. to indite ; to exhort Annogaeth, n. admonition Annogedig, a. incited ; admonished Annogiad, n. an inciting Annogol, a. inciting Annolurus, a. unpainful Annoniog, a. giftless, unskilful Annos, n. a driving ; v. to drive to chase Annuw, a. atheistic; faithless Annuwiaeth, n. atheism Annuwiol, a. ungodly, wicked Annuwloldeb, n.
Page 231 - Medroldeb, n. capability Medroli, v. to render capable Medru, v. to exert skill; to know how to do; to be able; to aim Medrus, a. able to effect, expert Medrusedd, n. expertness Medryd, v.
Page 160 - Gordwyad, n. an over-ruling Gordwyllo, v. to deceive much Gordwyo, v. to over-rule Gordwyth, n. great elasticity Gordyfu, v. to overgrow Gordynu, v. to pull extremely Gordywyll, a. extremely dark Gordd, n. an impetus; a mallet; a beetle; a churn staff; a. impetuous, ardent Gorddail, n. exterior leaves Gorddal, Gorddaliad, n. an upholding; v. to uphold Gordden, n. impulse; necessity Gordderch, n. a paramour Gordderchad, n.
Page 205 - I ft, ad. it is so ; yes, yea lechyd, n. health, sanity lechydol, a. salutary, healthful lachawdwriaeth, n. salvation leithgarwch, n. philology leithiad, n. phraseology leithiadur, n. grammar leithio, v. to form a phrase leithiog, a. having language leithogi, v. to form a phrase lelthol, a.
Page 285 - ... step or ledge Tapias, n. a gambol ; a dance Tar, n. a shock, an impulse Tarad, n. a pervasion ; flavour Taradr, n. a piercer, an anger Taradru, v. to pierce, to bore Taran, n. shock ; thunder Taranol, a. thundering Taranon, n. the thunderor Taranu, v.
Page 196 - Hirgul, a. long and narrow Hirgwyn, n. a long complaint Hirgylch, n. an ellipse Hirhoedl, n. longevity Hirhoedlog, a. long-lived Hiriad, n. a lengthening Hirian, n. a tall lank person Hiriannu, v. to prolong Hiriant, n. length, delay Hirió, v. to lengthen Hirlidio, v.
Page 32 - Arglwyddiaeth, n. a dominion ; a lordship Arglwyddiaethu, v. to govern Arglwyddo, v. to domineer Arglybod, v. to get notice Arglyw, n. the sense of hearing Arglywed, v. to hear of Argnoi, v. to chew Argoch, a. reddening, blushing Argochedd, n. ruddiness Argochi, v. redden, to blush Argoed, n.
Page 162 - Gorfoledd.n.triumph ; gladness Gorfoleddiad, n. a triumphing Gorfoleddu, v. to triumph, to rejoice greatly Gorfoleddus. a. triumphant Gorfoli, v. to flatter Gorfoliant, n. adulation Gorfras, a. over gross, over fat Gorfraint, n. superior privilege Gorfrau, a. extremely brittle Gorfraw, n. extreme panic Gorfrwd, a. very ardent Gorfryd, n. magnanimity Gorfrydiant, n. a paroxysm Gorfrydio, v. to overheat Gorfrydol a. magnanimous Gorfrys, n. great haste Gorfuan, a. being over-quick Gorfudd, n.
Page 16 - Amlygedig, a. manifested Amlygedd, n. apparentness Amlygiad, n. manifestation Amlygiadol, a. explanatory Amlygol, a. demonstrative Amlygrwydd, n. obviousness Amlygu, v. to manifest Amlynu, v. to adhere around Ammaeth, n. dainty Ammau, Ammheu, v. to doubt Ammawr, v.
Page 180 - Gwirion, a. truly right; innocent; ignorant: n.innocence ; ignorance Gwirionedd, n. verity, truth Gwirioneddiad, n. verification Gwirioneddu, v. to verify Gwirioneddus, a. verifying Gwirioni, v. to become an innocent or idiot, to grow foolish Gwirioniad, n. an innocent Gwirodi, v. to serve spirits Gwirodol, a. spiritous Gwirota, v to tipple liquors Gwirotai, u.

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