A practical dictionary, Armenian-English

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Press of H. Matteosian, 1905 - Armenian language - 507 pages
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Page 411 - AIMER, va. to love, to be fond of, to have a passion for ; to be in love with ; to...
Page 461 - Dessécher, vr, to dry up, to become dry ; to be drained ; to wither ; to waste away. Dessein, nm, design, intention, intent ; resolution ; plan, scheme, purpose, view.
Page 313 - ... set in order: to arrange, to adjust, to prepare, to make up, to fashion, to adorn : to dispose ; to accomodate: to embellish (mus.) : lo tune, to accord. en.ri.arha, ) n. adapter, adear-Mirni,, i juster, arranger : (lech.) finisher. eap-vapi.hu- n. dressing, fitting up, arrangement, adjustmenl [lished. an.Pi-n.pnh4
Page 363 - Ш'Ч.ч.ы.1 va. to make straight, to straighten : to direct : to correct : to address : to rectify : to reform , to amend , to set up again : to levelпьч.ч.ы.1', а.
Page 474 - Essayer, т.е.. to try; to essay, to attempt, to make a trial of; to assay.
Page 278 - ... to undertake, to attempt, to take In hand, to take upon one's self; to contract for, to contract to; to adventure, to offer, to venture ; to trouble. - quelqu'un ; to set on any one, to fall foul of any one to banter or jeer any one.
Page 438 - Formica-loo. •Fourmillement, nm, tingling. •Fourmiller, т.п., to swarm, to abound with, to be full of, to crawl with ; to feel a tingling, to tingle.
Page 349 - KPSbu.t'u- to over turn, to turn upside down, to detort : to turn inside out; to convert: to change, to reverse, to upset, to obvert, to veerегяъ1,1-, а convertible : that can be turned upside down or inside out. r.PSbevM,, va. to make to turn : to take out for a walk. ерям.1 on« to lurn upside down, to upset, to be overset, to veer- [peddler, pedlar, n.
Page 365 - ˇ_ to swell, to puff up, to inflate, to blow out, to bloat tH.n.bg с swelling, bloatedness, tumor та/ч to swell, to be puffed up, to tumefy, to grow turgid, to be swollen...
Page 224 - Mb4.i-ii.4,tt4.ai,. vn. to revive, to live again , to come to life again, to be animated.

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