A Practical Grammar of the Avesta Language: Compared with Sanskrit, with a Chapter on Syntax and a Chapter on the Gth Dialect

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Printed at the Education Society's Press, Byculla, 1891 - Avestan language - 312 pages
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Page 261 - Syntax is that part of grammar which treats of the proper arrangement of words in a sentence,
Page 262 - Pronouns agree in gender, number and person with the nouns for which they stand
Page 262 - with the healing virtues of (their) blessed gifts as wide-spread as the earth, as far-spread as the rivers, as
Page 65 - which is expressed by its second member, determined or qualified by what is expressed by its first member. When the first member of a
Page 223 - about to perform the action or to undergo the state expressed by the root or the derivative base.
Page 277 - by this Word will I strike, by this Word will I repel
Page 224 - Verbs are formed from nominal bases by adding to them the characteristic marks of the tenses and moods and the personal terminations, or more commonly, by deriving, with the help of some suffix, a verbal base from the nominal base, and by adding
Page 65 - nor the term Dvigu is applicable, must, in general, be a compound, the first member of . which, if the Compound were dissolved, would be governed by the second member, and would have to be expressed by a word in an oblique
Page 272 - of themselves before me, that they may fear and flee down to: darkness
Page 138 - propounded for forming verbal bases out of roots in the first four tenses

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