A Pronouncing Spelling-book of the English Language: Mainly on the Principles of Comparison and Contrast

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W. Ware, 1878 - Spellers - 176 pages
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Page 101 - In monosyllables and words accented on the last syllable, a final consonant after a single vowel is doubled before a suffix beginning with a vowel: as plan, planned; forgot, forgotten; fat, fattest.
Page 28 - Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November : February has twenty-eight alone, And all the rest have thirty-one : But leap-year coming once in four, February then has one day more.
Page 176 - Meridian; Noon MA — Master of Arts Maj. — Major Mar, — March Mass. — Massachusetts MC — Member of Congress MD — Doctor of Medicine Md. — Maryland Me. — Maine Messrs. — Gentlemen...
Page 152 - India-rubber. gay'e ty ni ce ty no to ri'e ty pro pri'e ty so bri e ty so ci e ty va ri...
Page 56 - ... flea, an insect. flee, to run away. flew, did fly. flue, a chimney.
Page 176 - MSB. Manuscripts. Mt. Mountain. N. North. NB Take notice. NB New Brunswick. NE Northeast. NE New England. No. Number. Nos. Numbers. Nov. November. NS Nova Scotia. NS New Style. NW Northwest. Oct. October. OS Old style. oz. ounce. p. page; pp. pages. per cent, by the hundred. Ph. D. Doctor of Philosophy. PM Postmaster. PM Afternoon. PO Post Office. Pres. President. Prof. Professor. pro-tern, for the time being. prox. next (month). PS Postscript. qt. quart; qts. quarts. Reed. Received. Rev. Reverend....
Page 176 - M. Marquis, Monsieur, Thousand, Meridian, or Noon. MA Master of Arts. MC Member of Congress. MD Doctor of Medicine. Mdse. Merchandise. Messrs. Gentlemen. Mile. Mademoiselle. Mine. Madame. Mos. or mos. Months. MP Member of Parliament. Mr. Master, Mister. Mrs. Mistress or Missis. MS. Manuscript. MSS. Manuscripts. Mt. Mount. N. Noon, North. NB (Nolo, Bene).
Page 106 - When a syllable beginning with a consonant is added to a word ending with the same consonant both consonants are kept; as, real, really, lean, leanness.
Page 28 - One two three four five six sev'en eight nine ten e twelve thir teen' four teen fif teen six teen sev en teen eight een nine teen twen'ty 42. Numbers. twen ty-one' twen ty-two twen ty-three twen ty-four twen ty-five twen ty-six twen ty-sev en twen ty-eight twen ty-nine thirty 43.
Page 133 - Shall you be at home in the forenoon or in the afternoon ? 2. A century is one hundred years. 3. The Centennial Exhibition occurred one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence. 250. Words connected with Timber. Dictation Exercise 118. — 1. Joists are the smaller timbers of a floor or ceiling on which the boards or laths may be nailed. 2. The small beams in the roof are cut from scantling. 3. We use clapboards for covering the outside of a house. studs culls shin'gles brack'ets joists...

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