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Boston book Company, 1898 - Library architecture - 15 pages
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Page 94 - No attempt has been made to give a complete list of the arithmetic texts published during the period.
Page 99 - Further explanation of the device described by Richard Garnett, in his New book.press at the British Museum. GARNETT, RICHARD New book.press at the British Museum. Lib. notes 2 : 97-99. S 87 A device for enlarging the capacity of stacks, by sliding cases placed in front of the tiers of shelving. An illustration of the device may be found in Burgoyne, Library construction, p. 66. Green's book.stack and shelving for libraries. L. j. 18; i54-55.
Page 97 - Architects and librarians; an irenicon. Amer. arch. 24: 198. 27 O 88 (1 col.) Same art. L. j. 13 : 338-39. N 88 Explanation of some of the reasons why architects and librarians have disagreed, with a word for peace and cooperation. The article grew out of an editorial in Amer. arch. 24 : 165. [Librarians and library architecture.] Amer. arch. 24: 165.
Page 102 - The controversy was the criticism of the plans by Mr. Poole, and .a defence by the trustees of the library. .[Boston public library controversy.] (Editorial.) L. j. 15: 291-92. O 90 POOLE W: F: Remarks at the publishers' and booksellers
Page 100 - II : 331-39. Ag-S 86 The nucleus of the building is a circular reading room, intended for a reference library, terminating upwards in a dome. It is connected by eight diametrical passages, with the rest of the library, which is bu1lt around it in spiral fashion, admitting if the lot be large enough of indefinite expansion at the outer end.
Page 104 - Good description of stack LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. (Smithmeyer & Pelz, EP Casey, arch.) Description. I plan. (See Burgoyne, FJ Library construction, 1897. P. 257-61.) I exterior, I plan. (See Fletcher, W : I : Public libraries in America. 1894. p. 42, 73.) SMALL, HERBERT, comp. Handbook of the new Library of Congress .... 128 p. illus. I exterior, interiors, I plan. Host. 1897.
Page 105 - Ja 91 A criticism, reprinted from the Boston Transcript. PEABODY INSTITUTE LIBRARY, BALTIMORE. Description. I plan. (See Burgoyne, FJ Library construction. 1897. p. 290-92.) I interior, I plan. (See US - Education, Bureau of Circular of information, no. I. 1881. p. 8-9.) D. University Libraries. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, NEW YORK. (McKim, Mead & White, arch.) Descriptions. L. j. 19: 379-80.
Page 97 - Stylet of architecture to be avoided, with a statement of modem accepted ideas on library buildings. II. BUILDING. I . SITE. BURGOYNE, FJ [Sites for library buildings.] (See his Library construction. 1897. p. 5-9.) A site should be central for readers, leave room for growth, and be free from surroundings injurious to building and readers. 2. ARCHITECTS. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. [Architects and librarians; conference discussion, 1894.] L. j. 19: C 139-40.
Page 98 - ... bookshelving. In Mr. Cutter's apocalyptic vision of the Buffalo library in 1983, he saw that there was no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to give light therein, for the electric light was there in all its glory. It is my present purpose to answer the question, " Shall daylight be abolished ? " and, answering it in the negative, to indicate how it may best be made available in rooms used for the storage of books.
Page 98 - American library association. Papers prepared for .... meeting held at Columbian exposition, 1893.

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