A report of the trial of the Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, before the Supreme Judicial Court of Rhode Island, on an indictment for the murder of Sarah Maria Cornell: containing a full statement of the testimony, together with the arguments of counsel, and the charge to the jury : with a map

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Russell, Odiorne and Co., 1833 - Trials (Murder) - 143 pages
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Page 9 - when a person of sound memory and discretion unlawfully killeth any reasonable creature in being, and under the king's peace, with malice aforethought, either express or implied.
Page 143 - ... was trying, and again referred to his notes. While so engaged a bustle was heard without, and the jury in a body returned into court. The solemn question was put in the twanging, nasal accents of a hardened and careless official : " Gentlemen of the jury, are you agreed upon your verdict ? How say you ? Is the prisoner at the bar guilty, or not guilty?"
Page 123 - I have just received your letter with no small surprise, and will say, I will do all you ask, only keep your secrets. I wish you to write me as soon as you get this, naming some time and place where I shall see you, and then look for answer before I come ; and will say whether convenient or not, and will say the time. I will keep your letters till I see you, and wish you to keep mine, and have them with you there at the time. Write soon — say nothing to no one. Yours in haste.
Page 6 - Whether by God and the country? you must speak the words. Harrison. They are vain words Court. We have given you a great deal of liberty and scope, which is not usual. You must put yourself upon God and the country. Harrison. I do offer myself to be tried in your own way, by God and my country. Clerk. God send you a good deliverance.
Page 39 - Dear Sister — I received your letter in due season and should have answered it before now but I thought I would wait till this opportunity — as i told you i am willing to help you and do for you as circumstances are i should rather you would come to this place, viz. Bristol in the stage the 18th of Dec.
Page 143 - SELDEN: That is a direction no Court has power to make in a criminal case. THE COURT: Take the verdict, Mr. Clerk. THE CLERK: Gentlemen of the jury, hearken to your verdict as the Court has recorded it. You say you find the defendant guilty of the offense whereof she stands indicted, and so say you all?
Page 39 - I will meet you there at the same time or if you cannot do either i will come to fall river on one of the above evenings back of the same meeting house where i once saw you at any hour you say on either of the above evenings...
Page 5 - April; at Newport, within and for the county of Newport, on the first Monday of October, December, March and June; at East Greenwich, within and for the county of Kent, on the fourth Monday of...
Page 42 - I will be here on the 20 if pleasant at the place named at 6 o'clock if not pleasant the next Monday eve Say nothing &c.
Page 7 - See, also, Stone et al. v. State, 12 Okla. Cr. 313, 155 Pac. 701. "The juror Mason on his voir dire examination stated that he had formed an opinion of the guilt or innocence of the defendant based solely on newspaper reports and hearsay. He swore that the opinion would yield readily to the evidence, and that he could, notwithstanding such opinion, act fairly and impartially in the case and be guided by the evidence introduced and the law as given by the court. There was nothing...

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