A rudimentary treatise on the acoustics of public buildings: or, The principles of the science of sound applied to the purposes of the architect and builder

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J. Weale, 1861 - Technology & Engineering - 163 pages
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Page 26 - Remarkable clearness of atmosphere near the horizon, distant objects, such as hills, unusually visible, or raised (by refraction), and what is called " a good hearing day," may be mentioned among the signs of wet, if not wind, to be expected.
Page 121 - I can hardly think it practicable to make a single room so capacious, with pews and galleries, as to hold above 2,000 persons, and all to hear the service, and both to hear distinctly, and see the preacher. I endeavoured to effect this in building the parish Church of S. James, Westminster, which, I presume, is the most capacious, with these qualifications, that hath yet been built...
Page 174 - Writers . 2s. Preparing for Press. 11. CICERO. Orations against Catiline, for Sulla, for Archias, and for the Manilian Law. 12. CICERO. First and Second Philippics ; Orations for Milo, for Marcellus, Sus.
Page 176 - Landscape Painting in Oil Colours explained, in Letters on the Theory and Practice of the Art. Illustrated by 14 Plates of Examples from the several Schools. By JOHN BURNET, FRs Author of
Page 167 - Lamborn. 2s. 134. METALLURGY OF SILVER AND LEAD, by RH Lamborn. 2s. 135. ELECTRO-METALLURGY, by A. Watt. Is. 6d. 138. HANDBOOK OF THE TELEGRAPH, by R. Bond. Is. 143. EXPERIMENTAL ESSAYS— On the Motion of Camphor and Modern Theory of Dew, by C. Tomlinson. Is.
Page 122 - Concerning the placing of the pulpit, I shall observe a moderate voice may be heard fifty feet distant before the preacher, thirty feet on each side, and tAventy behind the pulpit ; and not this unless the pronunciation be distinct and equal, without losing the voice at the last word of the sentence, which is commonly emphatical, and, if obscured, spoils the whole sense.
Page 165 - THE ENTIRE SERIES IS FREELY ILLUSTRATED ON WOOD AND STONE WHERE REQUISITE. The Public are respectfully informed that the whole of the late MB.
Page 171 - WORKS. 7 86, 87. ALGEBRA, by James Haddon, MA, 2 vols. in 1 . 2s. 86*, 87*. ELEMENTS OF ALGEBRA, Key to the, by Prof. Young Is.
Page 174 - A Series of Volumes containing the principal Greek and Latin Authors, accompanied by Explanatory Notes in English, principally selected from the best and most recent German Commentators, and comprising all those Works that are essential for the Scholar and the Pupil, and applicable for the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dublin, — the Colleges at Belfast, Cork, Galway, Winchester, and Eton, and the great Schools at Harrow, Rugby, &c. — also for Private Tuition...

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