A Second Selection of Games from the International Tournament Played at New York,U.S.A. 25th March to 27th May 1889

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W.W. Morgan, Jun, 1889 - 54 pages
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Page 58 - Chess-Player's Companion. Comprising a Treatise on Odds, Collection of Match Games, including the French Match with M. St. Amant, and a Selection of Original Problems. Diagrams and Coloured Frontispiece.
Page 58 - Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the Chess-player's Handbook. Containing the most important modern Improvements in the Openings ; Code of Chess Laws ; and a Selection of Morphy's Games. Annotated. 636 pages. Diagrams. Chess-Player's Companion. Comprising a Treatise on Odds, Collection of Match Games, including the French Match with M.
Page iii - Work, especially as the opinions expressed are based upon observations deduced from actual practice up to the present time. The remarkable positions presented on diagrams, although familiar to some of the older chess votaries, will no doubt be new to many and interesting and acceptable to all. In the Appendix will be found illustrated diagrams of noteworthy positions, where remarkably fine combinations occurred, as also illustrated problems. " This is the work of one ol the mu»t ai>unguished of...
Page 58 - One of the most valuable and interesting books which a chess-player can have upon his shelves." — Saturday Review. STAUNTON'S CHESS PLAYER'S HANDBOOK. A Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game of Chess, as exemplified in Games actually played by the greatest masters, illustrated by numerous Diagrams of original and remarkable positions.
Page 56 - The best elementary work on the game of Chess. Price Is. The Chess Primer. A stepping-stone for beginners, teaching the preliminary details» supplemented by a series of illustrative Games, with reasons for every move appended. Blank forms for Club and general use» CHESS GAME EECOBDEBS.") 50,1s; 100, Is9d; BLANK DIAGEAM FOEMS.
Page iii - ... 6. Sixty-two brilliant and interesting Games, selected as characteristic specimens of lively and instructive Chess, at Openings now most popular. ... ... Is. 7. HE Bird's comprehensive and classified Index of modern Chess. 207 Games by 79 past and present Masters. ... ... 6d. OR, BOUND ш ONE VOL.
Page 57 - ... and II., a selection of the best Problems by English Composers, living and lately deceased ; and in Part III., a set specially composed for the work. " It is not too much to say that among these 600 problems are some of the very finest the world has ever seen.
Page 55 - In handsome polished wood case, fitted in trays with divisions, lined throughout with rich silk velvet ... 11 15 0 * These sets may be had, if preferred, in polished wood cases fitted in trays, with divisions lined velvet, 20s extra. BOARDS FOR THE ABOVE. MAHOGANY (Polished rosewood and holly squares). — Superior quality, 12 inch 5s 6d, 14in.
Page 56 - Synopsis of the Chess Openings. FOUETH EDITION. BY W. COOK, A new and handsome volume, price 4s. The American Supplement to the ;,;.; .. "Synopsis.
Page v - ... is added, the Unexpected Guest, a Chess tale. Cloth, 3s 6d. Chess-Nut Burrs. How they are formed and how to open them. A treatise on Chess Problems. By Will H. Lyons. Cloth, 5s. In the Press. Chess Problems, Games, &c. of the late PT Duffy, Chess Editor of the " Illustrated London News,

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