A short history of the first beginning and progress of the Protestant religion [by R. Challoner].

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Page 64 - Threaten these things to rich and dainty folk, which are clothed in purple, fare deliciously, and have their chiefest hope in this world, for we esteem them not, but are joyful that for the discharge of our duties we are driven hence ; and, with thanks to God, we know the way to heaven to be as ready by water as by land, and therefore we care not which way we go.
Page 30 - I said before, except this wound be salved and clearly made whole. I must needs judge the fault and occasion of this discord to be partly by negligence of you, the fathers and preachers of the spiritualty.
Page 64 - Council holden at Canterbury, and not fled for fear of you, for tomorrow he will return again; in the mean time I am here, as another Micheas, and will lay down my life to prove all those things true which he hath taught out of the holy...
Page 28 - And now I pray you that be here to bear me record, I die in the catholic faith, not doubting in any article of my faith, no, nor doubting in any sacrament of the church. Many have slandered me, and reported, that I have been a hearer of such as have maintained evil opinions ; which is untrue.
Page 63 - Peto, and his partakers, lifted up his voice, and said ' I speak to thee < Peto which makest thyself Micheas, that thou mayest speak evil of Kings, < but now thou art not to be found, being fled for fear and shame, as being ' unable to answer my arguments.
Page 40 - As if this was more than the learned Heylin had said of Edward VI. 'a parliament, viz. that " the cards were so well packed by sir Ralph Sadler, that there was no need of any other shuffling till the end of the game." Page 398, col. 2. Mr. Collier tells us, that the bishop " makes a tragical complaint of the rasure and destruction of records in this reign.
Page 31 - God, authority to reform and order such cases and behaviours ; and be not judges yourselves of your own fantastical opinions, and vain expositions. And, although you be permitted to read Holy Scriptures, and to have the Word of God in your mother tongue, you must understand it is licensed you so to do only to inform your conscience...
Page 68 - June, . that the public liturgy was to be officiated in all the churches of tne kingdom. In the performance of which service the bishops giving no encouragement, and many of the clergy being backward in it, it was thought fit to put them to the final test, and either to bring them to conformity or to bestow their places and preferments on more tractable persons.
Page 37 - So poor, that it is hardly able to keep the Pot boiling for a parson's dinner.
Page 34 - Hereupon some rude people are encouraged underhand to beat down some altars, which makes way for an order of the council-table to take down the rest and set up tables in their places, followed by a commission to be executed in all parts of the kingdom for seizing on the premises to the use of the king.

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