A Smaller Commercial Geography

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1900 - 208 pages

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Page ii - Great and the Seven Years' War. Fcp. 8vo. 25. 6d. Longman's Magazine. Published Monthly. Price Sixpence. Vols, i -18. Svo. price 55. each. Longmans' New Atlas. Political and Physical. For the Use of Schools and Private Persons. Consisting of 40 Quarto and 16 Octavo Maps and Diagrams, and 16 Plates of Views. Edited by GEO. G. CHISHOLM. MA, B.Sc. Imp.
Page 160 - States the climate is like that of the Mediterranean region, the summer nearly rainless, the winter mild. Gold, which first attracted a large population to this part of the world, is still an important product; but the fine Californian valley, watered by the Sacramento in the north and the San Joaquin in the south, now teems with -wheat, maize, wine, and southern fruits.
Page 120 - China will mean not only the subjugation of the latter, but their own exclusion from the Far East. Since the geography of a country often determines military strategy, it is necessary to note the salient features in the geography of China. China's most important lines of communication are her three great rivers : the Hwang-ho (or Yellow River) in the North, the Yang-tse in the Centre, and the Si-Kiang in the South. The entrance to the Si-Kiang is controlled by the British port of Hongkong; to the...
Page 104 - There is no part of the world better marked off by nature as a region by itself than India, exclusive of Burma. It is a region, indeed, full of contrast in physical features and in climate, and one that has never been, strictly speaking, under one rule ; but the features that divide it as a whole from surrounding regions are too clear to be overlooked.
Page 149 - Britain ; but in 1867 a union was formed called the DOMINION OF CANADA. Each of the seven provinces — Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia — now has a government of its own, as our states have ; but by their union they also have a central government with the capital at OTTAWA, which corresponds to our capital at Washington. Besides these provinces, there are four organized territories : Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Athabasca...
Page 168 - ... recognition by the United States. It was also decided, at this conference, to establish a Central American International Bureau in Guatemala City. The opening of this new institute, which took place in September 1908, is undoubtedly an important step in the direction of a great and lasting Union between the five republics of Guatemala, San Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. The honour of bringing about this good understanding belongs entirely to President Cabrera, whose ambition it...
Page 108 - Iron Ore. Iron ore is widely scattered over the mountainous and hilly parts of the country and, with the profuse employment of charcoal for smelting, Indian villagers made iron of excellent quality. But this expensive mode of working has been almost superseded by the import of European iron and iron wares, followed by the development of the European production methods in India. Of the earlier attempts to introduce the modern processes of smelting in India the most successful was that of the Bengal...
Page i - OF COMMERCIAL GEOGRAPHY. By GEORGE G. CHISHOLM, MA, B.Sc., Fellow of the Royal Geographical and Statistical Societies. With 19 Folding-out Maps and Numerous Maps in the Text. 8vo., I5s.net. Gwilt. — AN ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF ARCHITECTURE. By JOSEPH GWILT, FSA With 1700 Engravings. Revised (1888), with Alterations and Considerable Additions by WYATT PAPWORTH. 8vo., 21s. net. Longmans
Page 105 - India enjoy a temperate climate ; but in the central and southern regions the heat is very great. Here the year is divided into three seasons — the hot, the rainy, and the temperate. The hot season commences in March and continues till the beginning of June. The great raimyieasm succeeds the hot, and lasts, with occasional intromissions, till October.

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