A Study of the Relationship of Instrumental and Intellectual Orientations to the Educational Experiences of Black Students at the University of Michigan: An Assessment of the Effects of Reference Groups Upon the Educational and Vocational Aspirations of Students at the University of Michigan

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Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, 1971 - African American college students - 416 pages

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Page 329 - This world is run by the few people in power, and there is not much the little guy can do about it.
Page 329 - It is not always wise to plan too far ahead because many things turn out to be a matter of good or bad fortune anyhow.
Page 331 - Many times I feel that I have little influence over the things that happen to me. b. It is impossible for me to believe that chance or luck plays an important role in my life.
Page 329 - Becoming a success is a matter of hard work, luck has little or nothing to do with it.
Page 327 - One of the major reasons why we have wars is because people don't take enough Interest In politics. b. There will always be wars, no matter how hard people try to prevent them. 4. a. In the long run people get the respect they deserve In this world.
Page 331 - It is difficult for people to have much control over the things politicians do in office. 23. a. Sometimes I can't understand how teachers arrive at the grades they give. b. There is a direct connection between how hard I study and the grades I get.
Page 327 - In the long run people get the respect they deserve in this world. b. Unfortunately, an individual's worth often passes unrecognized no matter how hard he tries.
Page 327 - No matter how hard you try, some people just don't like you. b. People who can't get others to like them don't understand how to get along with others.
Page 29 - Instrumentation, in which changes in the calibration of a measuring instrument or changes in the observers or scorers used may produce changes in the obtained measurements.
Page 44 - Persons scoring high on this measure are characterized by a liking for reflective thought and academic { activities. They express interests in a broad range j of ideas found in a variety of areas , such as literature, art, and philosophy.

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