A Summary of the Constitutional Laws of England Being an Abridgement of Blackstone's Commentaries

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author, 1796 - Law - 228 pages
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Page 40 - all ports or places in the colonies belonging to his majesty's enemies, should, from thenceforth, be subject to the same restrictions, in point of trade and navigation, as if the same were actually blockaded by his majesty's naval forces, in the most strict and rigorous manner ;" that " all trade in articles which were the produce
Page 84 - The Stock or Dividends of any Corporation, Fraternity, or Society of Persons, or of any Trust established for Charitable Purposes only, or which, according to the rules or regulations established by Act of Parliament, Charter, Decree, Deed of Trust, or Will, shall be applicable by the said Corporations,
Page 105 - copy of the warrant, or affidavit that a copy is denied, fhall, unlefs the party has neglected for two terms to apply to any court for his enlargement, award a habeas corpus for fuch prifoner, returnable immediately before himfelf, or any other of the judges, and upon the return made, fliall difcharge the party
Page 42 - either for remittances from thence payable in Great Britain or from property imported from thence into Great Britain, or from money or value received in Great Britain and arising from property which shall not have been imported into Great Britain, or from money or value so received on credit or on account in respect of such remittances,
Page 39 - but operating, in fact, against the United States, as a neutral power, to prohibit their trade " from one port to another, both which ports should belong to, or be in the possession of, France or her allies, or should be so far under their
Page 40 - of November, 1807, were issued, declaring, " that all the ports and places of France and her allies, or of any other country at war with his majesty, and all other ports or places in Europe, from which, although not at war with his majesty, the British flag was excluded, aud all ports or places in the colonies belonging to his majesty's enemies,
Page 79 - the military posts that might be established upon or near the coast of the United States, when they would have their choice of either entering into his majesty's sea or land forces, or of being sent as free settlers to the British possessions in North America or the West Indies, where they would meet
Page 28 - For Repairs of Collegiate Churches and Chapels and Chancels of Churches, or of any College or Hall, in any of the Universities of Great Britain, by any Ecclesiastical or Collegiate Body, Rector, Vicar, or other Person or Persons bound to repair the same, on an average of twenty-one years preceding,
Page 30 - Salt Springs or Works, Alum Mines or Works, Waterworks, Streams of Water, Canals, Inland Navigations, Docks, Drains and Levels, Fishings, Rights of Markets and Fairs, Tolls, Ways, Bridges, Ferries, and other Concerns of the like nature, from or arising out of
Page 47 - in terms as plain and as positive as language could supply, " that he was authorized to declare, that his Britannic majesty's orders in council of January and November, 1807, will have been withdrawn, as respects the United States, on the 10th day of June,

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