A summary of the powers and duties of juries in criminal trials in Scotland

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Thomas Clark, 1833 - Criminal procedure - 235 pages
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Page 170 - being assembled immediately to disperse themselves, and peaceably depart to their habitations, or to their lawful business, upon the pains contained in the act made in the first year of King George the First, for preventing tumults and riotous assemblies.—God save the King.
Page 147 - altering, or uttering, any will, testament, codicil, or testamentary writing, or any power of attorney, or other authority, to transfer any share or interest of any stock, annuity, or other public fund, transferable at the Bank of England, or South Sea House, or Bank of Ireland, or to receive any dividend thereon.
Page 151 - That if any person shall falsely make, or counterfeit, any coin resembling, or apparently intended to resemble, or pass for, any of the King's current gold or silver coin ; or if any person shall gild,
Page 40 - Words are often misreported, whether through ignorance, inattention, or malice, it matters not to the defendant; he is equally affected in either case. And withal, this evidence is not, in the ordinary course of things, to be disproved by that sort of negative evidence by which the proof of plain facts may be, and often is, confronted.
Page 100 - shall conceal her being with child during the whole period of her pregnancy, and shall not call for, or make use of, help or assistance in the birth, and if the child shall be found dead or
Page 50 - king replied, Hitherto I have believed the strange things you have told me, because I looked upon you as a sober fair man, but now I am sure you
Page 9 - You swear by Almighty God, and as you shall answer to God at the great day of judgment, that you will truth say, and no truth conceal, in so far as you are to pass upon this assize.
Page 45 - objections, nothing of that caution which never fails to distinguish the testimony of those who are conscious of imposture, no endeavour to reconcile the reader's mind to what may be extraordinary in the narrative.
Page 48 - suspicion of confederacy and fraud. When written histories touch upon the same scenes of action, the comparison almost always affords ground for a like reflection. Numerous, and sometimes important, variations present themselves; not seldom, also, absolute and final contradictions; yet neither the one nor the other are deemed sufficient to shake the credibility of the main fact. The embassy of the Jews to deprecate the execution
Page 151 - shall be deemed complete, although the coin so made or counterfeited shall not be in a fit state to be uttered, or the counterfeiting thereof shall not be finished or perfected.

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