A Supplement to the Reports in Chancery of Francis Vesey, Senior, ... During the Time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke ...

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R. Pheney, law bookseller and publisher, 1825 - Equity - 605 pages

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Page 610 - General Treatise on the Principles and Practice by which Courts of Equity are guided as to the Prevention or Remedial Correction of Fraud...
Page 126 - The settlor conveys it to the use of himself for life, and after his death to the use that his widow may receive a rent charge (or jointure, as it is called).
Page 11 - ... The Judges, having heard the proofs read and having heard counsel thereon and maturely considered the matter, by their Interlocutory Decree, having the force of a definitive sentence, in writing, at the petition of Crickett, pronounced the Bottomree Bond to be due to Crickett's client as libellate, with interest for the same at the rate of 4 per cent, to the time of payment, except interest as to the sum of 74 on which Jameson & Co. ought not to have interest, the same not having been actually...
Page 209 - Cape Henlopen ought to be deemed and taken to be situated at the place where the same is laid down and described in the map or plan annexed to the said articles to be situated, and therefore his lordship doth further order and decree that the said articles be carried into execution accordingly,
Page 610 - PRACTICAL INSTRUCTIONS on the PASSING of PRIVATE BILLS through both HOUSES of PARLIAMENT, containing the standing Orders of Lords and Commons ; arranged according to the different Stages of the Bills to which they respectively apply : together with Forms for all Documents required by Parliament. By a Parliamentary jlgent.
Page 487 - ... or judgment of this court, which is called a trust by operation of law, this court has said that the trust or beneficial interest of such a term shall follow or be affected by all such conveyances, assurances, or charges as the owner creates of the inheritance.
Page 103 - Michaelmas 1744, and all arrears since, and which should become due to the Plaintiff ; and that the Defendant might be decreed to pay the...
Page 489 - ... an assignment of the term to a trustee for him, or to himself, where he takes the conveyance of the inheritance to his trustee, in both these cases he shall have the benefit of the term to protect him ; that is, he may make use of the legal estate of the term to defend his possession, or, if he has lost the possession, to recover it at common law, notwithstanding that his adversary may at law have the strict title to the inheritance...
Page 611 - A Selection of Precedents from the best Modern Manuscript Collections and Drafts of Actual Practice ; with general Common Forms and Variations, adapted to all the ' circumstances usually occurring ; forming a System of Conveyancing : with Dissertations and practical Notes, by WM Bythewood, Esq.
Page ii - REPORTS of CASES argued and determined in the HIGH COURT of CHANCERY in IRELAND, during the time of Lord Redesdale, from Easter Term 1802 to Easter Term 1806.

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