A Survey of the Summe of Church-discipline: Wherein the Way of the Churches of New-England is Warranted Out of the Word, and All Exceptions of Weight, which are Made Against It, Answered: Whereby Also it Will Appear to the Judicious Reader, that Something More Must be Said, Then Yet Hath Been, Before Their Principles Can be Shaken, Or They Should be Unsetled in Their Practice

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A. M., 1648 - Church discipline - 464 pages
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Page 446 - Paul have to go forth with him; and took and circumcised him because of the Jews which were in those quarters : for they knew all that his father was a Greek. 4 And as they went through the cities, they delivered them the decrees for to keep, that were ordained of the apostles and elders which were at Jerusalem.
Page 317 - Discipline," &c., declares the scope of the pastor's office to be " to work upon the will and the affections ;" that of the doctor or teacher, " to informe the judgment, and to help forward the work of illumination in the minde and understanding, and thereby to make way for the truth, that it may be settled and fastened on the heart." The former was to " wooe and win the soul to the love and practice of the doctrine which is according to godlinesse ;" the latter, to dispense
Page 355 - Order; therefore those who have not the power of office may put it forth; therefore, though it be most comely that those of the same congregation should exercise it, yet the Elders also of other congregations may be invited hereunto, and interested in the exercise of it in another Church, where they have no power, and upon a person who hath more power in the place than themselves.
Page iv - ... as the Sun, and the Sun seven times brighter. When he hath not only informed them, but made them to be ashamed of their abominations, and of all that they have done, then he will shew them the frame of his house, and the patern thereof, the going out thereof, the coming in thereof, the whole fashion thereof, and all the ordinances thereof...
Page 133 - And from Matt, xviii. 15—18, and I Cor. v. 12, he concludes, " that each man and member of the society, in a just way, may be directed, censured, reformed or removed, by the power of the whole, and each may and should judge with the consent of the whole. This belongs to all the members, and therefore to any that shall be in office, if they be members. They are superior as officers, when they keep the rule ; but inferior as members, and in subjection to any when they break the rule Christ gave some...
Page xii - Ordination is only a solemn installing of an Officer into the Office, unto which he was formerly called. Children of .such, who are members of Congregations, ought only to be baptized. The consent of the people gives a causall vertue to the compleating of the sentence of excommunication.
Page xvi - ... of Israel our Redeemer, who teacheth to profit that instruction may be sealed up unto us thereby. " He was (as you well know,) one of a thousand whose diligence and unweariedness, besides his other endowments in the work committed to him, was almost beyond compare. He revealed the whole counsel of the Lord unto us, kept nothing back, dividing the word aright. His care was of strong and weak, sheep and lambs, to give a portion to each in due season ; delighting in holy administrations, which by...
Page ii - But whether all Ecclesiasticall power be impaled, impropriated and rightly taken in to the Presbytery alone : Or that the people of the particular Churches should come in for a share, according to their places and proportions ; This is left as the subject of the inquiry of this age, and that which occasions great thoughts of heart of all hands : Great thoughts of heart...

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