A System of Figure-skating: Being the Theory and Practice of the Art ...

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H. Cox, 1897 - Skating - 319 pages
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Page 1 - Out of whose womb came the ice? and the hoary frost of heaven, who hath gendered it? The waters are hid as with a stone, and the face of the deep is frozen.
Page 5 - Then the king asked what that young man could do who accompanied Thor. Thialfe answered, that, in running upon skates he would dispute the prize with any of the courtiers. The king owned that the talent he spoke of was a very fine one; but that he must exert himself, if he would come off conqueror.
Page 4 - Beasts, and hold Stakes in their Hands, headed with sharp Iron, which sometimes they strike against the Ice; and these Men go on with Speed, as doth a Bird in the Air, or Darts shot from some warlike Engine...
Page 302 - We have now finished our figures, but before we quite wind up the work, we must have our say on this topic. Who has not heard from many old skaters, or rather from those who class themselves as such, but more particularly from non-skaters of either sex, of a generation that is fast fading away, how some famous skater of their day cut out his name, and who has not brought down their ire if the possibility of the feat was doubted ? Strange, too, in the Times for January 1864, may be read an account...
Page 4 - When that great moor which washeth Moor-fields, at the north wall of the city, is frozen over, great companies of young men go to sport upon the ice...
Page 202 - ... accurately followed by the other skaters.) 2. Every figure must be commenced on the outside edge, unless the inside edge be specified in the call. 3. Whenever the foot is changed at the commencement of a new figure the word " And " must be used in the call to denote that change. 4. The centre must always be kept outside the curve on which it is approached unless the word " Off" is called when it must be kept inside the curve.
Page i - An invaluable book on a subject of the highest importance." — ENGLISH INDEPENDENT. Vandervell and Witham. — A SYSTEM OF FIGURESKATING : Being the Theory and Practice of the Art as developed in England, with a Glance at its Origin and History. By HE VANDERVELL and TM WITHAM, Members of the London Skating Club. Extra fcap. 8vo. 6s.
Page 4 - ... to be good evidence that even in London the primitive bone skate was not entirely superseded by implements of steel at the latter part of last century. Mr. Roach Smith, FSA, describing one found about 1839 in Moorfields, near Finsbury Circus, in the boggy soil peculiar to that district, says that ' it is formed of the bone of some animal, made smooth on one side, with a hole at one extremity for a cord to fasten it to the shoe. At the other end a hole is also drilled horizontally to the depth...
Page 4 - I know how to perform eight exercises : I fight with courage : I keep a firm seat on horseback : I am skilled in swimming : I glide along the ice on skates : I excel in darting the lance : I am dexterous at the oar.
Page 4 - how to play at chess ; I can engrave Runic letters ; I am expert at my book ; I know how to handle the tools of the smith ; I can traverse the snow on skates of wood ; I excel in shooting with the bow ; I use the oar with facility ; I can sing to the harp ; and I compose verses...

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