Systematic Arrangement of Lord Coke's First Institute of the Laws of England: On the Plan of Sir Matthew Hale's Analysis with the Annotations of Mr. Hargrave, Lord Chief Justice Hale, and Lord Chancellor Nottingham, and a New Series of Notes and References to the Present Time, Volume 2

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A. Towar, 1836 - Law
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Page 475 - Fonnereau, Doug. Rep. 1 vol. 470. that the estate of the ancestor is not affected by the subsequent conveyance or devise to his right heirs. For though it is a rule, that where the ancestor by any gift or conveyance takes an estate of freehold, and in the same gift, or conveyance, an
Page 144 - either of the said estates tail : but where the first limitation is to the heirs male, let the limitation be, for default of such issue, to the heirs of the body of the donee, and then all the issues, be they females of males, or males of females,
Page 371 - and if, in evidence on the trial of such action, any parol demise, or any agreement (not being by deed), whereon a certain rent was reserved, shall appear, the plaintiff in such action shall not therefore be nonsuited, but may make use thereof as an evidence of the quantum of the damages to be recovered. .See
Page 143 - infant shall attain the age of twenty-one. Item, It is my intent and meaning, that none of my children should sell or dispose of my estate for longer time than his life; and to that intent I give, devise, and bequeath all the rest and residue of my estate to my son John Williams and the said infant,
Page 359 - the proper technical expressions to constitute a lease ; yet any other words which sufficiently show the intention of the parties, that the one shall divest himself of the possession, and the other come into it for a certain time, whether they run in the form of a
Page 505 - seised of any lands, to the use, confidence, or trust, of any other person or persons, by reason of any bargain, sale, feoffment, fine, recovery, contract, agreement, will, or otherwise : then, and in every such case, the persons having the use, confidence, or trust,
Page 268 - The lands," says he, "may be limited to the use of the appointees of the purchaser (in the fullest manner) : and in default of appointment, to the use of him and his assigns during his life ; and from and after the determination of that estate, by any means, in his life time, to the use of
Page 325 - or by breach of any condition for non-payment of rent, before notice shall be given to him of such grant by the conusee or grantee. And by the latter statute, reciting, that the possession of estates is rendered very precarious by the frequent and fraudulent practice of tenants, in attorning to strangers,
Page 83 - right, and stirring up of suits : and therefore nothing in action, entry, or re-entry, can be granted over ; for so, under colour thereof, pretended titles might be granted to great m'en, whereby right might be trodden down, and the weak oppressed, which the common law forbiddeth, as men to grant before they be in possession.
Page 34 - See his Reports, p. 360. The case there was, that William Vescy devised to John Vescy, his eldest son, and the heirs male of his body ; and for want of such issue to William Vescy, another of his sons, and the heirs male of his body; and for want of such issue to his own right heirs. John,

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