A Systematic Arrangement of the Trustee Act, 1850, and the Extension Act of 1852: And of Some Other Enactments Having Reference to the Same Subject Matter, with Practical Notes and the Cases to the Present Time and an Appendix Containing the Above Acts

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V. & R. Stevens and G.S. Norton, 1858 - Trusts and trustees - 187 pages
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Page 85 - Heir refusing to convey. 85 the same for the space of twenty-eight days next after a proper deed for conveying...
Page 154 - Persons to do all Acts and execute all Instruments for the Purpose of completing the Assurance of such Lands ; and all such Acts and Instruments, so done and executed shall have the same Effect, and every Lord and Lady of a Manor, and every other Person, shall, subject to the Customs of the Manor and the usual Payments, be equally bound and compellable to make Admittance to such Lands, and to do all other Acts for the Purpose of completing the Assurance thereof, as if the Persons in whose Place an...
Page 74 - Mortgagee had been sane, and had duly executed a Conveyance or Assignment of the Lands in the same Manner for the same Estate.
Page 131 - Court may make an order vesting the right to transfer or call for a transfer of stock, or to receive the dividends or income thereof...
Page 48 - Court may, whenever it is expedient to appoint a new trustee or new trustees, and it is found inexpedient, difficult, or impracticable so to do without the assistance of the Court, make an order for the appointment of a new trustee or new trustees either in substitution for or in addition to any existing trustee or trustees, or although there is no existing trustee.
Page 13 - ... and every word importing the singular number only shall extend and be applied to several persons or things as well as one person or thing ; and every word importing the masculine gender only shall extend and be applied to a female as well as a male.
Page 124 - ... as fully and effectually as she could do if she were a feme sole, and also to release and extinguish her right or equity to a settlement out of any personal estate to which she, or her husband in her right, may be entitled in possession under any such instrument as aforesaid...
Page 140 - stock " includes fully paid up shares ; and, so far as relates to vesting orders made by the court under this act, includes any fund, annuity, or security transferable in books kept by any company or society, or by instrument of transfer either alone or accompanied by other formalities, and any share or interest therein...
Page 100 - Act, or may declare that the interests of unborn persons who might claim under any party to the action, or under the will or voluntary settlement of any person deceased who was during his lifetime a party to the contract or transactions concerning which the judgment is given, are the interests of persons who, on coming into existence, would be trustees within the meaning of this Act...
Page 142 - person" used and referred to in the masculine gender shall include a female as well as a male, and shall include a body corporate : And generally, unless the contrary shall appear from the context, every word importing the singular number only shall extend to several persons or things, and every word importing the plural number shall apply to one person or thing, and every word importing the masculine gender only shall extend to a female.

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