A Text-book of Materia Medica: Characteristic, Analytical, and Comparative

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Gross & Delbridge, 1887 - Homeopathy - 722 pages

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Page 242 - Sep.), extending down the neck, moist sore, with crawling and stinging itching; often drying up in scales; itching worse when getting warm in bed (Merc.); only slight temporary relief from scratching. Ears. — Burning pains in the auricles, with heat.
Page 546 - Numb pain on top of vertex, as if scalp would be contracted, and as if a heavy weight were lying on it. Formication in one temple, extending to lower jaw, with sensation of coldness on that spot. Eyes. — Spasmodic twitching of the eyelids. (Gels.) Objects appear smaller than they really are.
Page 285 - Sharp, cramping pain in pit of stomach, followed by raising, belching, and gulping enormous quantities of tasteless wind, followed by hiccough and discharge of flatulence from the bowels. Sharp, cutting pains in epigastrium.
Page 315 - Sleep. — Sleepiness, great inclination to sleep. Anxious, vexatious dreams. Aggravation. — In evening or night. Most symptoms come on while sitting, and go off during motion in the open air.
Page 13 - Stram.), with pressure in the bladder, or stitches in the region of the kidneys ; °retention from cold, especially in children, with crying and restlessness. Male Organs. — Bruised pain in testicles (Arg., Arn.). Testicles swollen and hard (Agnus, Aur., Con.
Page 368 - ... trachea, and bronchi. All these effects reach their maximum of intensity in about three-quarters of an hour after taking the drug, continuing thus for thirty or forty minutes. Lying on one side, that the saliva may run more freely, the patient spits ten or fifteen times a minute; the flow is so rapid that he can hardly speak ; the salivary glands are enlarged, and the mouth becomes hotter.
Page 657 - The emetic effect of Tobacco is doubtless the product of three factors : its cerebral action, its local irritation of the gastric mucous membrane, and its specific emetic property. The secretions of the intestinal mucous membrane are increased, and the muscular layer is thrown into tetanic contraction, whence the catharsis which follows its administration.
Page 215 - Diphtheria; great fetor oris; submaxillary glands swollen and painful; nose completely stopped up with a purulent bloody substance; corners of nose excoriated; tongue coated thick and brown; both tonsils covered with a gray exudation, which on disappearing, leaves a bloody ulcer with uneven edges; lower half of...
Page 306 - The malady does not ordinarily arise from any failure of the quantity of iron supplied in the food. If the element is deficient in the blood the fault lies in the assimilative processes. But Reveil has ascertained that in anaemia there is no change whatever in the amount of iron present in the blood. However few the corpuscles they contain within them the full proportion of the metal normal to health, and though under the influence of iron itself they increase to double and triple their number they...
Page 199 - Sensation of tension and pain in the jaws, so that she could only with difficulty open the mouth, and could not eat well because a tooth seemed too long.

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