A Text-book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Characteristic, Analytical and Comparative: By A. C. Cowperthwaite

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Boericke & Tafel, 1909 - Homeopathy - 864 pages

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Page 465 - Violent pain in hepatic ivg-iou, between ilium and ribs. Feels swollen as if distended with wind. Stool.— Diarrhoea; stools light-yellow ¡(Chel.); offensive (Ars., Asaf.). Urinary Organs.— Pain in bladder extending into spermatic cord (Clem., Puls., Spong.), after urinating. Tenesmus of bladder while and after urinating (Canth.). On rising to urinate a pressing in the region of the heart, which did not cease until after urination. Urine scanty, dark, acrid ; pain when passed ; emission difficult,...
Page 282 - Bell.); great restlessness and loud screaming on changing position; worse at intervals of five or ten minutes; discharge of stool or flatulence affords temporary relief (Carb.
Page 671 - Falling from side to side when walking, legs will not support him, no power or steadiness in thighs. Legs give out on ascending or descending stairs. Ankles pain as after a sprain or dislocation ; as if ulcerated. Pains in bones of feet, cannot step heavily thereon. Generalities. — Great weakness after a walk; limbs feel bruised (Arn.). Small of back and loins painful. All parts of the body on which he lies are painful, as if bruised (Am., Bapt.).
Page 67 - Great feeling of suffocation; cannot bear anything about the throat (Lach.). Dull aching pain in the left side of the chest, near the middle of the sternum, with sensation of fullness in the chest, and short breath.
Page 396 - Ignatia is such an efficient remedy for headaches as expressed in these words : " Headache as if a nail were driven out through the side of the head relieved by lying on it.
Page 172 - Swelling and painfulness of the inguinal glands. (Clem.') Painful pressure in lower abdomen; on physical exertion. Stool and Anus. — Swollen haemorrhoids protrude and cause pain during stool. (Aloe, Lach., Mur. ac., Puls.} Discharge of blood from the rectum. Feeling of heaviness in lower portion of rectum. (Aloe.) Cramp in the rectum the whole forenoon; a griping and stitching, with great anxiety; was not able to sit, but obliged to walk about. Burning in rectum; in anus. (Ars., Canth., Iris.}...
Page 294 - Sensation as of something living jumping in various parts. • Bleeding from different parts, blood black, viscid, clotted. Excessive prostration and weariness in the evening, as from severe physical exertion, accompanied by great sleepiness, with feeling as if the eyelids were swollen; literary occupation relieves. Jerking in the muscles; in single sets of muscles.
Page 14 - Retention or suppression of urine (Apis, Hyos., Stram.), with pressure in the bladder, or stitches in the region of the kidneys ; °retention from cold, especially in children, with crying and restlessness. Male Organs. — Bruised pain in testicles (Arg., Arn.). Testicles swollen and hard (Agnus, Aur., Con.
Page 754 - The emetic effect of Tobacco is doubtless the product of three factors : its cerebral action, its local irritation of the gastric mucous membrane, and its specific emetic property. The secretions of the intestinal mucous membrane are increased, and the muscular layer is thrown into tetanic contraction, whence the catharsis which follows its administration.
Page 54 - Abdomen. — Pain around the navel as if a blunt plug were squeezed into the intestines. Continual rumbling in the abdomen (Lye.). Stool and Anus.— Great urgent desire for stool, but with the effort the desire passes away without an evacuation ; the rectum seems powerless, with a sensation as if plugged up (Aloe) . Urging to stool after eating, more in upper part of intestines.

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