A Text-book of Medical Diagnosis

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Page 816 - There were many cases in which at the end of the first or the beginning of the second week...
Page 287 - The most Frequent Associated Lesions Pulmonic stenosis, with defect in the ventricular septum 92 cases ; only lesion in 20 cases. Pulmonic stenosis, with defect in the auricular septum 52 " " " 8 " Defects in both septa 82 " " "17 " Pulmonic stenosis and defects in both septa 36 " " " 21
Page 326 - When an isolated blood examination reveals that the tuberculoopsonic power of the blood is high, we may infer that we have to deal with a systemic tuberculous infection which is active, or has recently been active.
Page 326 - When the tuberculoopsonic power is found normal or nearly normal, while there are symptoms which suggest tuberculosis, we are not warranted, apart from the further test described below, in arriving at a positive or a negative diagnosis.
Page 757 - That it is a fair assumption from the evidence at hand, and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that the bovine tubercle bacillus has a high degree of pathogenic power for man also, which is especially manifest in the early years of life.
Page 323 - Cover the preparation with the alcoholic solution of the dye for one minute. 3. Add to the alcoholic solution of the dye on the preparation sufficient water, drop by drop, until the mixture becomes semitranslucent and a yellowish metallic scum forms on the surface. Allow this mixture to remain on the preparation for two or three minutes. 4. Wash in water, preferably in distilled water, until the film has a yellowish or pinkish tint in its thinner or better spread portions. 5. Dry between filter paper...
Page 326 - Where a series of measurements of the opsonic power of the blood reveals a persistently low opsonic power with respect to the tubercle bacillus, it may be inferred, in the case where there is evidence of a localised bacterial infection which suggests tuberculosis, that the infection in question is tubercular in character.
Page 287 - * " * "3 Abnormalities in the origin of the great vessels. 45 " " " " * 0 Pulmonic insufficiency 17 " " 0 Tricuspid insufficiency 6 " " " * "0 Tricuspid stenosis or atresia 3
Page 583 - ... sodium acetate, and 1 cc of 50 per cent. acetic acid contained in a small flask fitted with a funnel condenser. The mixture is boiled on a sand-bath for ten minutes, and then filtered hot through a filter-paper moistened with hot water into a test-tube provided with a 15 cc mark.
Page 287 - Defect in the ventricular septum 149 cases; only lesion in 5 cases Defect in the auricular septum or patent foramen ovale 126 9 Pulmonic stenosis or atresia 108 6 Patent...

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