A Text-book of Pathology and Pathological Anatomy

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Lea brothers & Company, 1902 - Anatomy, Pathological - 586 pages
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Page 361 - When the organ is contracted and the amount of poison small, the edges of the rugae are the parts to show the action especially. The wall of the duodenum and part of the small intestine may be similarly affected. About the corners of the mouth corrosive action follows the escape of some fluid during ingestion or passage of vomit, and the same is true of the lips, the buccal cavity, and the esophagus.
Page 372 - The post-mortem appearances vary with the stage of the disease. In the early stage (the algid) the intestine is filled with a whitish fluid, the " rice water " discharge, which is odorless and made up of serum and flocculi of mucus, and in it comma bacilli are to be found in countless numbers. The, mucosa of the ileum is very red and swollen, at first covered with a layer of thick mucus.
Page 358 - It is circular or oval, apparently punched out smoothly, and the edges are not infiltrated or but slightly swollen and changed.
Page 236 - Pulsating" crescent. Figs. 20-22. Various forms of crescents. Fig. 23. Two bows about single crescent. Fig. 24.
Page 358 - It is cone-shaped, the defect in the submucosa being smaller than that on the surface, and the excavation tapering toward the serosa as by n series of terraces.
Page 426 - Growth of connective tissue into the capsule of Bowman from the hilum, the original limits as a darker line.
Page 538 - Stenosis and atresia of the uterus may be congenital or acquired. In the latter case it is due to tumors or displacement with flexion.
Page 236 - Fig. 4. Double infection. Peculiar rings with two chromatin grains at opposite poles. Fig. 5. Double infection. Small ring adherent to cell. Figs. 6, 7. Signet-ring forms. Sub.division of chromatin. Figs. 8, 9.
Page 236 - Small ring adherent to cell. l''gs. 6, 7. Signet-ring forms. Sub-division of chromatin. Figs. 8, 9. Later ring forms, with sub-divided chromatin and few pigment grains. Figs. 10-12. Full-grown forms with finely sub-divided chromatin and gradual concentration of pigment. Figs.
Page 132 - ... and that 25 per cent. of patients dying from other diseases have healed or latent foci.

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