A treatise of trigonometry, plane and spherical ...: As likewise a treatise of stereographick and orthographick projection of the sphere ... Illustrated in the stereographick projection of the several cases in right and oblique angled, spherical, triangles: so that the requisites may be found without calculation, by scale and compass

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Printed for R. and W. Mount and T. Page, 1716 - Trigonometry - 132 pages
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Page 16 - In any triangle, the sides are proportional to the sines of the opposite angles, ie. t abc sin A sin B sin C...
Page 55 - In spherical triangles, whether right angled or oblique angled, the sines of the sides are proportional to the sines of the angles opposite to them.
Page 30 - DAG, that is, the half of BAC : but HA is half the perimeter of the triangle ABC, and AD is the excess of the same above HD, that is, above the base BC...
Page 9 - Secants, and are to be taken out of your Table, To find a Side, any Side may be made Radius : Then fay, as the Name of the Side given is to the Name of the Side required ; fo is the Side given to the Side required.
Page 2 - Parts, viz. three Sides and three, Angles : Any three of which being given, except the three Angles of a Plane Triangle, the other three may be found either Mechanically, by the help of a Scale of equal Parts and Line of Chords, or by an...
Page 88 - P ; to the point P, draw the Tangent APG, and on any point thereof, as A, ereft a Perpendicular AD, at Right Angles, to the Plane EBPL, and draw the Lines PD, AC, DC...
Page 16 - A produc'd if Need be ; then will FE be the Sine of the Angle A, and BD the Sine of the Angle C, to the Radius BC= AF.
Page 29 - ... so is the square of the radius to the square of the sine of half their contained angle, as shown in Leslie's Geometry.
Page 87 - Projeftiott the Angles made by the Circles on the Surface of the Sphere are equal to the Angles made by their Reprefentatiyes on the plane of the Projection.
Page 9 - ... so is the side given to the side required. But to find an angle, one of the given sides must be made radius: then, as the side made radius is to the other side ; so is the name of the...

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