A Treatise on Arithmetic

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W.J. Gage & Company, 1882 - Arithmetic - 347 pages
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Page 242 - Then multiply the second and third terms together, and divide the product by the first term: the quotient will be the fourth term, or answer.
Page 53 - If the numerator and denominator of a fraction be multiplied by the same number, the value of the fraction is not altered.
Page 214 - A person invests 4095 in the 3 per cents. at 91 ; he sells out 3000 stock when they have risen to 93, and the remainder when they have fallen to 85. How much does he gain or lose by the transaction 1 If ho invests the produce in the 4 per cents.
Page 245 - At a siege it was found that a certain length of trench could be dug by the soldiers and navvies in 4 days, but that when only half the navvies were present it required 7 days to dig the same length of trench. What proportion of the work was done by the soldiers?
Page 240 - PROPORTION when the ratio of the first to the second is equal to the ratio of the second to the third.
Page 157 - ... 60. If a man travel 150 miles in 5 days, when the days are 12 hours long, in how many days of 10 hours each will he travel 500 miles?
Page 212 - A tradesman marks his goods with two prices, one for ready money, and the other for credit of six months : what fixed proportion ought the two prices to bear to each other, allowing 5 per cent, simple interest ? 3.
Page 163 - If a watch be 4 min. 8 -^ sec. too slow at 9 hrs. 30 min. am on Tuesday, and loses 2 min. 45 sec. daily, what will be the time indicated at 5 hrs. 15 min. pm on the following Friday ? 5. A watch which is 10 minutes too fast at noon on Monday loses 3 min. 10 sec. daily. What will be the time indicated by the watch at a quarter past 10 on the morning of the following Saturday ? 6. What is the magnitude of the angle between the hour and minute hand of a clock at ^ past 11 ? 7.
Page 154 - If 27 men can do a piece of work in 14 days, working 10 hours a day ; how many hours a day must 24 boys work, in order to complete the same in 45 days : the work of a boy being half that of a man ? 13.
Page 229 - Thirty days after sight of this first of exchange (second and third of the same tenor and date unpaid) pay...

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