A Treatise on Copyholds: Customary Freeholds, Ancient Demesne, and the Jurisdiction of Courts Baron and Courts Leet, Volume 1

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Page 256 - in the High Court of Chancery within six Calendar months next after the execution thereof;" and such settlement must be made to take effect in possession for the charitable use intended, and be without any power of revocation, trust, or condition, for the benefit of the donor, or any person claiming under him
Page 236 - were inserted in the said settlement, viz. " Provided always, " and it is covenanted declared and agreed, " by and between all the said parties to these " presents, and it is the true intent and meaning of " them and every of them, and of these presents, " and it is hereby declared, limited, and
Page 224 - and Elizabeth his wife during; their lives, and the life of the longer liver of them, and after the decease of the survivor of them, to their child or children, male or female, in such proportion, &c. and for such estate, &c. as the parents or the survivor should by
Page 557 - years after the surrender of his life estate, by which the reversion was let in, not being the possession of the lessor of the plaintiff: and a rule to shew cause why a new trial should not be granted was
Page 224 - heirs, equally to be divided between them as tenants in common, and not as joint-tenants; and for want of such issue, then to the right heirs of the said JS for ever. JS and Elizabeth his wife were at the same court admitted tenants, to hold according to the uses aforesaid,
Page 559 - years next after his and their full age, discoverture, coming of sound mind, enlargement out of prison, or coming into this realm, or death, take benefit of, and sue forth the same, and at no time after the said 10
Page 28 - JL and uncle and heir of WCL At the assizes a verdict was found for the plaintiff, subject to the opinion of the Court of King's Bench, whether the custom, not allowing of a disposition by will, extended to the new allotments ; or whether they passed by the will of
Page 148 - All gifts grants " or deeds made by an infant, " which do not take effect by " delivery of his hand, are " void : but gifts, grants or " deeds made, by an infant by " matter in deed, or in writing, " which take effect by delivery
Page 236 - for the said GC the younger, and the said " GC the younger shall have full power and " authority by any deed or deeds, writing or " writings, to be by him sealed and subscribed " in the presence of three or more credible
Page 413 - which had reduced the fine to 60/., and the jury finding the annual value of the premises to be 30/., gave a verdict for the plaintiff for 60/. being two years' annual value ; a rule obtained in the Court of Common Pleas calling on the Plaintiff to shew cause why a nonsuit should not be entered,

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