A Treatise on Diphtheria: Its History, Etiology, Varieties, Pathology, Sequelae, Diagnosis, and Homoeopathic Therapeutics

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Duncan brothers, 1881 - Diphtheria - 145 pages
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Page 150 - Useful Hints Connected with the Selection and Use of the Instrument; also Some Discussion of the Claims and Capacity of the Modern High-Angled Objectives, as Compared with those of Medium Aperture; with Instructions as to the Selection and Use of American Object - Glasses of Wide Apertures. BV J. EDWARDS SMITH, MD, PROFESS'.
Page 96 - ... augments the intensity and danger of the simple form, partly by the accession of the consequent local symptoms, and partly also by the diphtheritic constitutional infection. It can complicate scarlatina in every stage of the disease ; first, in the stage of incubation, so that the symptoms of scarlatina and diphtheria appear simultaneously ; or the diphtheritic symptoms may precede those of scarlatina, thus causing the error of supposing that only one disease is present ; or, as most frequently...
Page 118 - When the disease commences in the larynx and comes up into the fauces, and in some cases in which it runs down into the larynx and produces a croupy cough, with much rattling of mucus.
Page 117 - ... stitches in the throat and fauces ; great difficulty in swallowing fluids or solids; drowsiness, yet inability to sleep ; pupils are enlarged ; pain in the throat aggravated on turning the head ; will not lie down for fear of choking. Baehr says...
Page 134 - When the child is restless, wants to be carried about, wakes up every now and then complaining of pain in the throat ; when a bloody saliva runs out of the mouth during sleep ; when the parotid glands are a good deal swollen ; when there are transparent, jelly-like discharges from the bowels at stool or afterwards.
Page 151 - Sick" to be the most practical, and therefore the most useful, work on the subject with which I am acquainted. No physician should be without it; every mother should have it. It is in use in many of the households in which I practice.
Page 120 - Great prostration and weakness, almost to faintness ; great exhaustion ; faintness, shivering, and numbness; fainting; collapse, etc. It may be given either in the usual way, or, still better, as spray from the 1st or 2d dil., by means of a common toilet atomizer.
Page 151 - Evidently much investigation, thought and carefulness have entered into the production of this work, and we believe it to be worthy a place in every household." — The Magnet. * * * »we have carefully examined the work and shall cheerfully recommend it for family use. The directions as to what food and drinks, and modes of preparation are very judicious.
Page 115 - The discharges from the nose and mouth are very acrid, and excoriate the skin whenever they come in contact with it. The lips become very sore and swollen, and the skin peels off ; the patient continually picks at these peelings, trying to pull them off, and thereby makes the lips bleed.
Page 129 - Mur. acid. is scarcely indicated in quick and violent cases, but will suit where there is not much fever, but great lassitude and weakness. It is necessary not to use the remedy too weak, but in the 1st or 2d dilution...

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