A Treatise on Electro-metallurgy: Embracing the Application of Electrolysis to the Plating, Depositing, Smelting, and Refining of Various Metals, and to the Reproduction of Printing Surfaces and Art-work, Etc

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C. Griffin, 1890 - Electrometallurgy - 387 pages

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Page 59 - An ampere is the unit of measurement of the strength of the current. Ohm's law: The strength of a current varies directly as the EMF and inversely as the resistance In arranging cells, the strongest current is obtained when the internal resistance of the battery is equal to the external resistance of the circuit. In divided circuits the amount of current that will flow through different branches is inversely as their resistances. Electrolysis is the decomposition (by the electric current) of compounds...
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Page 310 - Saturated solution of ferric chloride in hydrochloric acid to which a little nitric acid has been added.
Page 237 - Thus treated, the plate will not be greatly liable to rust ; but if it is to be stored for any length of time, it must be treated like an ordinary engraved steel plate and covered with a protective film of wax.

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