A Treatise on Nasal Suppuration: Or, Suppurative Diseases of the Nose and Its Accessory Sinuses

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Baillière, 1900 - Electronic books - 335 pages

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Page 9 - I would especially emphasize the fact that a tooth must not be considered harmless because the socket is not diseased. Infection creeps along the lymphatics of healthy bone, and a focus of infection in the crown of a tooth is by no means to be despised, for even if an empyema of the antrum be due to another cause, yet disease of the crown of a tooth is calculated to maintain such a state of irritation in the mucous membrane as may frustrate all attempts at cure.
Page 3 - Wolff 13 examined bacteriologically the accessory sinuses of twenty-three children who died of diphtheria. ' In twenty-two examinations of the antrum of Highmore, each case was found affected, there being present either pus or mucopus, or the mucous membrane showing signs of inflammation. When...
Page v - ... effort can create. I have given these long extracts in order to show how one of the foremost English thinkers of the age, a man typical of what is best in English thought, feels in this matter.
Page 34 - But he has more frequently met witli the clinical indications of " necrosing ethmoiditis " in the absence of nasal polypi, and this because he believes that since surgeons have taken notice of nasal troubles the public has been shrewd enough to avail itself of all the means of treatment placed at...
Page 48 - ... swimming-bladder. In proof of the distinction of the species, it may be stated that the colours of the body and fins are decidedly different; that in C. lyra, the head is to the whole length as one to four; the eyes removed two diameters from the end of the nose; the head elongated and elevated; the distance from the point of the nose to the posterior edge of the orbit, and thence to the origin of the first dorsal fin-ray, equal; the mouth large ; the lateral line prominent. In C. dracunculus,...
Page 93 - ... varying from the size of a bean to that of a hazel-nut. The probe gave no positive result.
Page 53 - ... supra recensitis congesti, vel ad narium cavitatem, vel patentes ad meatus, qui a naribus ad fauces tendunt, amandentur, sique contingat, ut propter nimiam crassitiem, vel nimiam lentorem, vel propter peculiare quoddam nasi, aut praedictorum sinuum conformationis vitium, in iisdiutius retineantur, per diutinam, quam inibi contrahunt, moram, solum, quibus impraegnantur, vi fermentescendo putrescunt et narium foetorem producunt.
Page 149 - The brain is found loaded with blood, but all the other organs of the body are quite healthy. A year or two ago I was requested to be present at the examination of the body of a boy not quite two years old, who had been in perfect health until the day before his death, which took place under such circumstances as I have just mentioned. The congested state of the cerebral vessels gave but little satisfactory information ; but the same evening, the brother of the child was taken...
Page 330 - Nasal Polypus with Neuralgia, Hay Fever, and Asthma in Relation to Ethmoiditis, London, 1887.
Page 119 - I write.' refraction normal,' this denotes emmetropia, and not hypermetropia ? that dilatation of the pupil and keenness of vision have nothing to do with each other, apart from the fact that...

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