A Treatise on the Court of Referees in Parliament: Containing Chapters on the Practice and Jurisdiction of the Court, on the Locus Standi of Petitioners in the House of Commons, and Reports of the Cases Decided in the Court During Last Session

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H. Cox, 1866 - Engineering - 271 pages
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Page 131 - ... entitled to receive the same, to the Speaker, who shall, upon application made to him, deliver to the party or parties a certificate, signed by himself, expressing the amount of the costs and...
Page 25 - It shall not be lawful for the company to deviate from or alter the gradients, curves, tunnels, or other engineering works described in the said plan or section, except within the following limits, and under the following conditions...
Page 128 - ... be only heard on such grounds so stated; and if it shall appear to the said committee that such grounds are not specified with sufficient accuracy, the committee may direct that there be given in to the committee a more specific statement in writing, but limited to such grounds of objection so inaccurately specified.
Page 25 - Extent, and to increase the said Inclination or Gradients as follows ; (that is to say,) in Gradients of an Inclination not exceeding One in a Hundred, to any Extent not exceeding Ten Feet per Mile, or to any further Extent which shall be certified by the Board of Trade to be consistent with the public Safety, and not prejudicial to the public Interest...
Page 72 - The Metropolitan Board of Works shall from time to time ascertain and assess upon the city of London and the other parts of the metropolis the sums which in their judgment ought to be charged upon the said city and such other parts respectively for defraying the expenses of the said Board...
Page 127 - The referees shall decide upon all petitions against private bills, or against provisional orders or provisional certificates, as to the rights of the petitioners to be heard upon such petitions, without prejudice, however, to the power of the select committee to which the bill is referred to decide upon any question as to such rights arising incidentally in the course of their proceedings.
Page 128 - Where a railway bill contains provisions for taking or using any part of the lands, railway stations or accommodations of another company, or for running engines or carriages upon or across the same, or for granting other facilities, such company shall be entitled to be heard upon their petition against such provisions or against the preamble and clauses of such bill.
Page 132 - ... executors or administrators, may demand the whole amount thereof, so certified as above, from any one or more of the persons liable to the payment thereof, and in case of non-payment thereof on demand may recover the same by action of debt in any of her Majesty's courts of record at Westminster or Dublin, or by action in the Court of Session in Scotland.
Page 55 - The estimate for any works proposed to be authorised by any railway, dock, or harbour bill, shall be in the following form, or as near thereto as circumstances may permit : — ESTIMATE of the proposed (Railway).
Page 132 - Ireland, for the plaintiff to declare that the defendant is indebted to him in the sum mentioned in the said certificate ; and the said plaintiff...

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