A Treatise on the Horse and His Diseases: Containing ... Valuable Information

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Claremont Manufacturing Company, printers, 1878 - Horses - 89 pages
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Page 46 - J oz., of powdered verdigris, and one pint rum, or proof spirits. Mix, and apply once or twice a day. This works nicely for grease heel or mud fever. No. 5. Take of oxide of zinc, 1 drachm, lard, 1 ounce, powdered gum benzoin, ten grains, camphorated spirits, one drachm. Mix thoroughly and rub on twice a week. Do not wash after the first application. Cuts, Wounds and Sores. No. 1. Take of lard 4 ounces, beeswax, 4 ounces, rosin, 2 ounces, carbolic acid, J ounces.
Page 47 - ... again in about four days, and in two or three days from that time you can take hold of the pipe and remove it without trouble. 5. POLL-EVIL, TO SCATTER.— Take a quantity of mandrake root, mash, and boil it; strain and boil down until rather thick ; then form an ointment by simmering it with...
Page 76 - Sulphuric acid is obtained by burning sulphur, mixed with one-eighth of its weight of nitre, over a stratum of water contained in a chamber lined with sheet-lead.
Page 49 - Tincture < of opium, 2 ozs., tannin, 2 drachms; mix, and apply twice a day. No. 2. Take white lead and linseed oil, and mix as for paint, and apply two or three times a day ; this is good for scratches, or any wounds on a horse. Eyewater for Horses. Sugar of lead, 1 drachm, tincture of opium. 2 drachms, soft water, 1 pint ; mix, and wash the eye two or three times a day.
Page 57 - Hops, 2 ounces; carbolic acid, 30 drops; boiling water, 2 gallons. Mix the hops and carbolic acid with the boiling water and compel the animal to inhale the steam for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, and repeat three times a day. Apply a strong mustard paste to the throat, and place a warm poultice over the paste.
Page 46 - Take equal parts of soft fat, yellow wax, linseed oil, Venice turpentine, and Norway tar; first melt the wax, then add the others, mixing thoroughly. Apply to the edge of the hair once a day. No. 2. Benzine, 1 ounce; salts of nitre, 1 ounce; alcohol, 3 ounces; aqua ammonia, 2 ounces; Venice turpentine, 8 ounces.
Page 55 - ... lightly, and keep wet with the mixture. Quarter Crack — The best way to cure quarter crack is to open the heel on that side between bar and frog, cutting down pretty well (not sufficient to cause bleeding), until the quarter will give freely; then put on a shoe that will expand the heel. It is also necessary in this case that the inner heel should be opened or spread, as the hoof is simply too small for the foot; if this is properly done, the point is directly reached. Some recommend, in addition...
Page 25 - ... forty grains to the ounce of deodorized alcohol, will all be found of value. Painting the parts with pure tincture of belladonna often acts happily. Bulkley recommends for most cases chloral, one ounce to the pint of water. These lotions should be applied...
Page 13 - ... as the horsemen have it. Symptoms. The horse will scarcely move ; stands upon his heels, with fore feet and legs stretched out as far as he can get to throw the weight off them. Thus, to all appearances, making the animal hollow in the breast, which appearance has given rise to the idea that the horse is chest-foundered.
Page 1 - Continued, dose, effects and antidote when a poison ; a table with an engraving of the horse's teeth at different ages, with rules for telling the age of the horse ; a valuable collection of receipts, and much other valuable information.

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