A Treatise on the Laws of England: Concerning Estates in Lands, Advowsons, Or Hereditaments, of what Kind Soever, Advising Persons Interested Therein, Either as Purchasers, Mortgagees, Or Otherwise : as Well as Conveyancers, what Methods are Proper to be Used in Relation to the Security of Titles to Such Estates : with Some Observations on the Laws of Bankruptcy

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In the Savoy, printed by Henry Lintot ... and sold by T. Waller ... and T. Trye, 1754 - Bankruptcy - 74 pages
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Page 70 - that all persons who shall refuse to take the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, and receive the sacrament according to the rites of the Church of England, shall be incapable of all public employments, military and civil.
Page 6 - ... recovery or not; but after the death of such tenant in tail, the heirs in tail may enter and enjoy the lands according to the form of the gift; the recovery or any other thing done or suffered by or against such tenant in tail notwithstanding. In order to bring an estate tail with a reversion in fee to the crown within the protection of the act, it must be clearly a gift or provision of the king; for where a grant made by the crown, reserving the reversion on...
Page 46 - Intereft in Land, &c. without Surrender ; and if Copyhold Lands are in Mortgage, the Mortgagor can difpofe of the Equity of Redemption by Will, without any Surrender made ; becaufe he hath at that Time no Eftate in: the Land, whereof to make a Surrender, Freced.
Page 27 - 'and receiving money on account thereof, in " the ufual way of trade, and in the fame open " a.nd public manner, as if they were folvent
Page 32 - ... of 7 Ann. there is a refervation as to the chambers in Serjeant's-inn, the inns of court, and the inns of chancery, to which this aft doth not extend.
Page 17 - Creditors by Bond, or Specialty " binding the Heir) to be fraudulent and
Page 46 - Benefit of Children, if not to difinherit the eldeft Son, and for the Benefit of Creditors, where a Copyhold Eftate is charged by the Will with the Payment of Debts, tho...
Page 7 - Fin4 may be levied by Tenant in Fee-fimple, &c. for Years, or a Leafe for Years...
Page 17 - Children, other cc than the Heir at Law, in purfuance of " 'any Marriage Contract or Agreement in " Writing made before Marriage, the fame lc fhall be of force ; and any Heir at Law " liable to pay his Anceftor's Debt in re...
Page 12 - Mortgage being in Force) and fhall not difcover to the fecond Mortgagee the former Mortgage under his Hand, the Mortgagor fhall have no Equity of Redemp...

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