A Treatise on the Medical and Surgical Diseases of Women: With Their Homoeopathic Treatment

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Boericke & Tafel, 1880 - Gynecology - 782 pages
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Page 791 - St. Paul. HOLCOMBE, DR. WH How I became a Homoeopath. 28 pages. 8vo. Paper cover, per dozen, $1.25, . . . .15 cts. HOLCOMBE, DR. WH Special Report of the Homoeopathic Yellow Fever Commission, ordered by the American Institute of Homoeopathy for presentation to Congress. 32 pages. 8vo. Paper, per 100, $4.00, 5 cts.
Page 796 - MORGAN, DR. W. The Text-book for Domestic Practice; being plain and concise directions for the Administration of Homoeopathic Medicines in Simple Ailments. 191 pages. 32mo. Cloth...
Page 799 - No. 8. Controversy on No. 3. The Truth of " No. 9. Remedies of No. 4. The Small Doses of " No. 10. Provings of No. 5. The Difficulties of " No. 11. Single Medicines of " No. 6. Advantages of
Page 788 - GUERNSEY, DR. E. Homoeopathic Domestic Practice. With full Descriptions of the Dose to each single Case. Containing also Chapters on Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene, and abridged Materia Medica. Tenth enlarged, revised, and improved edition. Pp. 653. Half leather, $2.50 HAGEN, DR.
Page 792 - COOKERY. Second edition. With additions by a Lady of an American Homoeopathic Physician. Designed chiefly for the Use of such Persons as are under Homoeopathic Treatment.
Page 787 - DUNHAM, CARROLL, AM, MD Homoeopathy the Science of Therapeutics. A collection of papers elucidating and illustrating the principles of homoeopathy. 529 pages. 8vo. Cloth, . . 83.00 Half morocco, . $4.00 "More than one-half of this volume is devoted to a careful analysis of various drugprovings.
Page 797 - OEHME, DR. FG Therapeutics of Diphtheritis. A Compilation and Critical Review of the German and American Homoeopathic Literature. Second enlarged edition. 84 pages. Paper, . . . 60 Cts. Same, in cloth, 75 cts. " This pamphlet contains the best compilation of reliable testimony relative to diphtheria that lias appeared from the pen of any member of our school.
Page 337 - Purdy having anaesthetized her with ether, she was placed in the knee-elbow position, and secured upon the apparatus of Dr. Bozeman. This apparatus not only completely secures the patient in this position, by straps and braces, but makes the position perfectly comfortable for any length of time, and also favors the administration of an anaesthetic.
Page 793 - Theory, was to have finished the course, but was prevented by the approach of final examinations, the preparation for which left no time for hearing evening lectures. The Lectures are issued in a convenient size for the coat-pocket; and as an earnest testimony to the truth, we believe they will find their way into many a homoeopathic household. JOHNSON, DR. ID Therapeutic Key ; or Practical Guide for the Homoeopathic Treatment of Acute Diseases.
Page 790 - Taking Cold (The Cause of half our Diseases) ; its Nature, Causes, Prevention and Cure ; its frequency as a cause of other Diseases, and the Diseases of which it is the cause, with their diagnosis and treatment. By JOHN W.

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